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Deliver stability from concept to consumption

An egg-based sauce that never separates. A sweet, tart fruit preparation crowning a rich dairy dessert. A hand cream that keeps its fresh fragrance until the last drop. A beverage that is delicious from the first sip to the last. Stabilise and protect formulations like these and many others with help from Ingredion.

We can help you create highly stable emulsions that maintain stability throughout shelf life with a wide range of starches, gums, and plant-based extracts. And we can encapsulate your active ingredients, whether they are spices in a blend, vitamins in a powdered supplement or fragrance in a fabric softener, to keep your products fresh and appealing for longer.

Stabilise beverage emulsions, for example, for up to one year with Q-NATURALE quillaia extract. With its ability to create a fine particle-size emulsion, Q-NATURALE provides stability to beverages across a broad range of pH levels and temperatures. 

Our texturisers also provide stability. Achieving indulgent textures in yogurt is challenging because of harsh processing conditions like high shear, high temperatures and temperature cycles during shelf life. Our NOVATION Endura™ functional native starches are designed to withstand harsh processing conditions, enabling you to create clean label and innovative yogurt textures with a stable shelf life.

Breakthrough Beverages

Quickly create beverage concepts with intriguing flavours, sweetness without sugar and frothy freshness.

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