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Help consumers win in weight management

Who hasn’t been shocked stepping onto the scale at the gym or the doctor’s office? Weight management touches consumers of all ages. Being overweight makes efforts to maintain a healthy weight even more critical.

What if your new product could make cutting calories and maintaining weight a reachable goal for more people? We have developed a way to help you do it. Our WEIGHTAIN® satiety ingredient is proven to suppress hunger so consumers feel fuller longer.  Without even thinking about it, they’ll consume fewer calories each day.

Our HI-MAIZE® resistant starch, helps consumers manage their weight in multiple ways. It delivers dietary fibre benefits and helps reduce the in your products when used in place of flour. Furthermore, HI-MAIZE® resistant starch may increase both short- and long-term satiety in healthy people.    

Let’s overcome the hurdles and put weight wellness within reach for your consumers.

Delicious Bakery

We have a wide range of specialty starches, sweeteners, functional flours, fibres and resistant starches to help create your ideal baked goods.

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