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Fine-tune fresh appeal

A warm, rich bowl of soup, brimming with authentic flavours and home-cooked textures, can transform a rushed dinner into a comforting, nourishing experience. From refrigerated prepared soups that reheat with made-from-scratch appeal to frozen pastries that taste just-baked. Or lotions which are as fragrant and smooth as the day they were first opened. The perception of freshness is crucial to the sensory experience and a growing part of product success. With our ingredients and expertise, your products can burst with fresh appeal that lasts longer on the shelf, in coolers and in homes.

Our NOVATION® functional native starches deliver hearty, homestyle textures which last longer -  These clever ingredients help your foods and beverages taste and smell just-made when heated – from packaged, fresh or frozen. And your personal and home care products can keep their fresh fragrances and silky richness longer. The longer you can keep freshness on shelves, the faster your products will fly off them.

Consumer expectations are higher than ever for gourmet prepared foods and beverages, from tangy and springy Asian-inspired noodle dishes to bright, colorful refrigerated fruit juices with thick, pulpy textures. When you work with our CULINOLOGY® experts, blending cutting-edge food science with culinary arts, you can translate authentic recipes from world cuisines to larger scale production. We can help you modify complex culinary techniques into efficient processes for a manufacturing environment. Whether you are making restaurant-quality meals that excite adventurous eaters or comforting foods to remind people of home, the future of freshness and consumer appeal is at your fingertips when you innovate with us.


Where culinary arts meet food science. 

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