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Personal care with just-right feel

The perfect hand cream feels thick and rich to the touch but is quickly and thoroughly absorbed by the skin. A successful shampoo lathers luxuriously and leaves hair soft and easily comb-able. When personal care products don’t feel just right on the hair or skin, they’re not around for long. And when consumers find a personal care product that makes them feel good, they often will be fans forever.

Our wide range of ingredients can take your lip balms from bottom shelf to beauty blog and your lotions from unknown to best-loved. For example, our versatile starches provide a velvety feel that is soft and smooth to the touch. These are oil- and water- absorbent and can reduce shine and moisture—or they can carry silicones that detangle and give hair a silky, smooth feel. Our corn oils also add softening properties and promote skin smoothness in your lotions and creams.

Make your products the ones people buy again - even before they run out. Innovate with us.

Renewable personal care

Start the next great personal care revolution with natural sustainable products.

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