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Fibre enrichment

The message is loud and clear: fibre is essential to health and wellbeing and people are not getting enough of it. A great number of consumers are seeking fibre in everything from breakfast cereals and snacks to baked goods, side dishes, dairy products and beverages. You can create the fibre-rich products they’re searching for with help from Ingredion.

Our nutrition experts will steer you to the right choices within our robust portfolio of fibres, carefully chosen or developed to answer consumers’ top health concerns and your formulation needs. 

Proven fibre solutions

Together, we can create great, healthy products for your consumers. You can add Hi-MAIZE® 260 resistant starch to baked goods, snacks, pasta and smoothies for fibre addition while replacing flour or starches and reducing calories in your formulations. HI-MAIZE helps maintain the taste and texture of white breads and pasta, while delivering fibre. Deliver fibre seamlessly and reduce sugar in cold cereal and snacks, dairy products, beverages and more with NUTRAFLORA® soluble fibre. It is 30% as sweet as sugar and has a similar sweetness profile to it, but only half of the calories.

When you work with Ingredion, our formulation and CULINOLOGY® experts can help you design fibre-rich products your consumers will love. As for label claims, our nutrition team brings you ideas for substantiated messages to encourage trial and repeat purchases.

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