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Where clean labels signal quality

What if you could get all the functionality you seek from food ingredients while offering the natural, organic and recognizable ingredient declarations that consumers prefer? When you work with Ingredion, you can. Choose from our range of functional native starches that offer textural qualities and processing stability with the significant benefit of clean labels—even in challenging applications like dairy desserts, salad dressings and many more.

For example, our NOVATION® line of functional starches appears on labels as “corn starch,” a familiar, trusted ingredient. Our line also includes rice, tapioca, and potato alternatives, as well as certified organic and non-GMO Project verified options.  Get the processing and stability benefits of traditional modified starches with the advantage of a simple, consumer-friendly label.

You’ll be amazed at what these starches can do, and consumers will pick up your products with their homey, right-from-the-cupboard ingredient lists. Create delicious nature-based products with simple appeal. Innovate with us.

Bring high-performance to delicate applications

Meet “natural” product demand without compromising flavor, color, texture or performance with NOVATION® Lumina functional native starches

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