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Bake in delight

Create better baked goods with enhanced texture and improved nutrition. With our wide range of functional flours, fibres, hydrocolloids, pulses, resistant starches, and gluten-free and clean label starches, your baked goods will rise to any occasion. You also get the benefit of our consumer insights and deep formulation, applications, sensory and CULINOLOGY® expertise. Create cost-optimized bakery concepts that are aligned with consumer trends—and get to market quickly—with Ingredion.

Explore the possibilities with us

  • Enhance the moisture retention of your bakery products for appealing texture.
  • Improve the texture and stability of bakery fruit fillings with our acid/low-pH stable starches.
  • Replace fat, add fibre, reduce or remove egg components, or reduce sugar to create baked goods that defy expectations. Or improve consumer appeal and eating quality in a range of whole-grain foods.
  • Overcome common shelf life and textural challenges in the fast-growing gluten-free sector with our innovative ingredients, including clean label and modified options.
CULINOLOGY is a registered trademark of the Research Chefs Association. Used with permission

Tempt your consumers with appealing texture, taste and nutrition in cakes, muffins and more. Our sensory experts can help you better understand consumers’ texture preferences so that you can offer it in your baked goods. You can also add value to your recipes with our nutrition expertise. And, through our formulation knowhow, you can maximize the impact of ingredients and improve moistness, softness and on-shelf stability. Do it all with Ingredion.

  • Replace eggs
  • Reduce fat
  • Retain moisture
  • Reduce calories
  • Enrich with fibre
  • Add viscosity
  • Improve cell structure
  • Bind water

Is your bread falling flat or feeling dry? Do you need to manage moisture or improve the structure of your bread or bagel? We can help you deliver the qualities that consumers demand, in addition to adding nutritional benefits like protein and fibre. You can also solve challenges in the processability and machinability of your products through our ingredient solutions and formulation expertise.

Break out of your old mould and improve crumb structure, reduce breakage and control moisture with a wide range of ingredients. And you can improve texture, replace or reduce eggs or fat, reduce caloric intake, reduce spread and improve batter viscosity, or add fibre. Satisfy cookie lovers everywhere with help from Ingredion.

Are your fillings boiling over and bleeding into your pies? Reduce boil-out and syneresis, add suspension, and improve freeze/thaw stability with our ingredient solutions. And rely on our expertise when you need to eliminate a heat step, provide instant thickening, replace fruit solids or create pulpy textures—all while maintaining fruit integrity and appearance. We can even help you with retort and kettle-cooked stability, fat reduction or replacement, and sweetener solutions. Together, we can make your fillings fantastic.

Work with us to really put the icing on the cake—and all kinds of baked goods. You can create a uniform, clear film that is quick drying and not sticky or a high-solid frosting at low viscosity. Reduce sugar bloom or add binding properties that allow you to adhere particulates onto a finished product. Offer the perfect finishing touches on your products with Ingredion.

Imagine beautiful, golden, gluten-free rolls and gluten-free muffins with a crumb grain that's open and coarse—just like consumers want. Work with our in-house formulation experts to create gluten-free baked goods with all the appeal of those containing gluten. And add nutritional benefits that are often lacking in typical gluten-free foods.

From the lightness of angel food cake to the tender crumb of a blueberry muffin, baked goods have traditionally relied on eggs for some of their most essential qualities. But fluctuations in egg prices can affect your profitability. What if you could offer baked goods with all the texture, stability and appeal—without eggs? Create the baked goods consumers dream of—with fewer eggs, and at a lower, more reliable cost—with Ingredion.

Bake in savings

Boost your bakery bottom line with every crunchy, chewy, delicious crumb.

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