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Plant-based ingredient solutions to bring your vision to life

Create home, beauty and personal care product labels that are blemish free

Consumers are moving toward greener lifestyles and minimizing synthetic ingredients from everyday life. They want both high functionality and a “natural” or clean label in personal care and household products. Formulating these products to be safe, effective, biodegradable, and made from nature-based ingredients takes the right functional ingredients paired with science-based problem solving and application knowhow.

How do you achieve great functionality in personal and home care products — while meeting the consumer trend toward more “natural” clean beauty and eco-friendly household essentials?

Discover how Ingredion’s high-performance, plant-based solutions, along with our application expertise, can help you formulate the home, fabric and personal care products consumers want.

Let’s make your goals a reality

Agile collaboration. Deep formulation expertise. Broad portfolio of in-demand ingredients. Market research and consumer insights.


This information is intended to support the efforts of our customers to develop and implement an appropriate labeling strategy for products containing Ingredion’s products. In all respects, the ultimate decisions on how to identify claims on packages and label ingredients on packages remains with our customers. Ingredion Incorporated and the Ingredion group of companies make no warranty about the accuracy or completeness of the information contained above or the suitability of any of our products for your specific intended use. We urge you to carefully review the relevant regulations and to seek appropriate legal counsel as you determine the labeling requirements applicable to your products.