CORAGUM ® PR-Titan adhesive solution - 181135

Product Type: Corrugating solutions: Additives and resins

Achieve high-performance wet strength bonding and improve corrugating performance

The latest corrugating technology brings new challenges to box plants — because with corrugators performing at ever-increasing speeds, plus new paper combinations and specialty coatings with unique functionality or reduced fiber, bond performance has suffered. Ingredion now has the answer.

The culmination of years of development, CORAGUM PR-Titan wet strength performance additive combines our most efficient wet strength resin with our top performance additives into one, easy-to-use solution. In addition to providing wet strength and strong adhesion, it optimizes penetration in specialty and coated papers that are difficult to bond.

Maximize corrugator efficiency

Improve adhesive application, runability and bonding on the newest corrugating technology and on older/hybrid equipment. CORAGUM® PR-Titan adhesive solution optimizes adhesive properties by:

  • Improving viscosity consistency and film formation to optimize adhesive application
  • Improving water holding to avoid zipperboard
  • Increasing penetration into heavyweight or coated papers
  • Providing better temperature flexibility
  • Enhancing green bond for high-speed performance
  • Reducing waste caused by poor bonding

Optimize box performance

CORAGUM PR-Titan adhesive solution exceeds the performance needs of premium box and board grades, providing:

  • Excellent water resistance
  • Superior bond strength
  • Flatter boards for improved printability
  • Targeted bonding performance on heavyweight and coated products

Case study: How a corrugator solved the challenge

A corrugator producing highly coated and impregnated board for meat packaging was having bonding issues at the required speeds and could not meet customer demand. While a bonding agent was included in their starch formula, it was not sufficient to meet production goals.

  • Solution: Ingredion’s corrugating team conducted a review of the company’s operating conditions to determine how productivity and overall profitability could be improved. The team identified CORAGUM PR-Titan adhesive solution as the answer to optimize bonding of the board to achieve superior box performance.
  • Results: The superior penetrating aspect of the high-performance additive significantly improved bonding of the board across all grades. Wet pins increased by 25% and speeds improved by more than 200 fpm. Board rejects and waste were significantly reduced. The company’s box customers noticed improvements immediately and encouraged the plant to continue with the process change. Quality testing showed consistent overall improvement and box reject levels went down by 30%.

Achieving improved productivity and cost efficiency is now easier than ever with help from Ingredion, the only full-service adhesive supplier to the corrugating industry. Partner with our corrugating experts to ensure top performance and speed, run after run.

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CORAGUM ® PR-Titan adhesive solution - 181135

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