The revolutionary way to speed adhesive drying times — with less energy and waste

CORAGUM® TCE Thermal Conductivity Enhancer is the game-changing corrugating adhesive additive that accelerates adhesive thermal conductivity for faster drying times and production speeds — with improved properties and reduced waste.

Especially beneficial for double- and triple-wall production, it can also address bonding issues caused by shear impact from scores on incomplete bonds.

Enables highly efficient drying

Composed of nanotechnology microfibrils that disperse into adhesives and dramatically increase heat transfer and water removal, CORAGUM® TCE is highly efficient, needing on average only 1/10th the dose of other performance additives. 

Added productivity and reduced waste

Boards made with CORAGUM® TCE dry flatter with improved printability and overall strength — with reduced waste due to blistering and delamination. This innovative additive also improves performance of heavyweight, specialty and high-density papers that are difficult to bond.

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CORAGUM® PT - 179149

Product Type: Modified Food Starch

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