Get the taste and bulking of sucrose without all the calories and grams of sugar

Health- and nutrition-conscious consumers want sweetness, but with less or no sugar and fewer calories. Now with ERYSTA® erythritol C100 you can deliver the clean, sugar-like taste consumers love in beverages, bakery items, dairy products, confectionery treats and sauces and spreads, while retaining key texture and bulking characteristics.

Sweet taste and familiar texture

Erythritol is a polyol, or sugar alcohol, used to replace sugar in reduced-calorie, reduced-sugar and sugar-free foods and beverages. Erythritol is present in nature in fruits such as pears, melons and grapes, as well as mushrooms and fermentation-derived foods such as wine, soy sauce and cheese. Key attributes of ERYSTA® C100 erythritol include:

  • Clean, sweet taste similar to sucrose
  • 70% as sweet as sugar with mouth cooling sensation
  • Only 0.2 calories per gram
  • Not counted as part of total and added sugars
  • Functional bulking and freeze-point depression in formulations
  • Non-GMO

Low GI and non-cariogenic

A unique characteristic of erythritol is that the body rapidly eliminates it within 24 hours due to its small molecular size and structure.1 As a result, the laxative effects associated with excessive polyol consumption are less likely.2 Clinical studies have shown that erythritol does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels.3 In addition, erythritol is non-cariogenic, meaning that it is resistant to metabolism by oral bacteria that can cause tooth enamel loss and the formation of cavities.4


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