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Heighten texture and pet appeal

When it comes to formulating food and treats for our furry friends, pet food developers are tasked with delivering creative solutions that still carry a natural or clean label. Pet food manufacturers can meet consumers’ demands for alternative natural ingredients by using ancient grains, like quinoa.1

Imagine providing a clean label, non-GMO, gluten free pet product that builds more appeal while also adding functional benefits. With HOMECRAFT® QUINOA 112, functional benefits such as high hardness, low brittleness and good visual/sensory properties enable you to improve product acceptability by the pet while potentially appealing to the pet owner desires.

Improve existing pet products or create new products with a versatile quinoa flour

HOMECRAFT® Quinoa 112 flour can you meet your formulating and label claim goals with an array of functional benefits in a range of pet food products. Formulators can leverage HOMECRAFT® Quinoa 112 flour to replace gluten-containing wheat and oat flour while still maintaining similar performance attributes. Additionally, product developers can now deliver a crispy and snappy pet snap, because of the low water-holding capacity of this product. HOMECRAFT® Quinoa 112 flour can also be used in soft treats where it has advantages over rice, potato and other starches because of its low amylose content, or lesser starch retrogradation, and low viscosity.

Functionality that works for you

HOMECRAFT® Quinoa 112 flour helps make it easier to create delicious semi-moist soft treats and low-moisture pet food & treats.

Application Features

Baked pet treats/biscuits

Enhance crispiness due to low water holding capacity
Reduce brittle texture
Deliver high hardness
Replace all purpose wheat & oat flour
Achieve low odor profile

Semi-moist soft chew treats

Reduce starch retrogradation
Achieve low odor profile
Deliver low viscosity
Provide a firm but pliable chew

Tools for clean label trend

Answer the clean label trend with confidence. Ingredion offers a range of clean label ingredient solutions to help you meet increasing pet consumer demand for nutritious, non-GMO and clean label pet products without losing great taste and texture. Collaborate with the experts of Ingredion Idea Labs® innovation centers to create a functional advantage in consumer-winning baked pet treats and snacks and so much more.

13 natural pet food ingredients driven by consumer demands,, Oct. 22 2018

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