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How to formulate affordable, delicious dairy

July 16, 2020 | Yogurt, Dairy

Innovation in the dairy segment has fast-tracked over recent years, expanding now into other sectors such as the snacks and the dairy alternative space, enabling this category to maintain stable growth globally. 

 New product launches are arising that tap into the health and wellness trend, such as dairy probiotic drinks and organic soy vanilla yoghurt, for example. With other new products introducing exciting flavours such as alcohol-infused ice-cream and spicy yoghurt dip, it is evident that dairy is in demand.

But consumer behaviour is shifting. As explored in our  "Serial-snacking society" blog post, consumers are replacing traditional mealtimes with snacks and therefore turning specifically to yoghurt to satisfy this need. Yoghurt is a versatile category. Including yoghurt pots, dairy drinks, yoghurt dips and frozen yoghurt formulations, this market accounts for 28.6% of dairy’s global category.1

How can starch solutions be used in yoghurt production? 

Manufacturers are faced with many challenges, not least the fluctuating prices of raw materials, navigating through unreliable supply chains, ensuring affordability and of course, delivering a rich sensory experience.   

With Ingredion’s range of ingredient solutions, manufacturers can make cost improvements and maintain an indulgent texture by replacing dairy protein and fat. For example, learn how THERMTEX® starch provides texture stability over shelf-life, making it suitable for long life products and how N-DULGE® C2 mimics fat to provide creaminess and smoothness to ‘low-fat’ products.

Read our 'Indulgent Greek yoghurt' recipe to learn more about how our ingredient solutions can help you create affordably delicious dairy products with on-trend packaging claims. 

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Fat reduction indulgent greek-style yoghurt

Read our ‘Indulgent Greek yoghurt’ recipe to learn more about how our ingredient solutions can help you create affordably delicious dairy products with on-trend packaging claims. 

Read the recipe

1 Innova Database (2020) “Global dairy report.”