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The demands placed upon manufactures of foods for clinical nutrition are tightening all the time. Strong scientific credentials are needed at every turn and the strictest micro standards place unique pressures on producers to get it right first time.

If you’re looking to enhance the nutritional profile of your products, while supporting improved texture delivery, Ingredion can help you safely and securely balance your priorities. With a strong track-record in developing specialty ingredients for new-borns to elderly patients or those suffering from swallowing difficulties– we’ve got all your bases covered.

Delivering improved nutritional benefits to the elderly or people with specific illnesses is challenging. Ingredion combines a sensitive, safety-first approach with tried-and-tested product development expertise. This ensures nutritional products that successfully bring together taste, texture and function – a unique combination. From increased nutritional value to broader product offerings; from texture benefits to allergen free - the applications and capabilities of starch solutions can help manufacturers meet the growing opportunities in the area of nutrition-based products.

With its nutritional and textural advantages, starch solutions provide an effective way to meet the needs of the ageing and the malnourished.

How our products add value

Our specialist portfolio of clinical nutrition ingredients can help you develop consumer-winning products every time through:

  • Our safety first approach: delivering nutrients in a safe and consistent manner
  • Enhancing texture: enabling manufacturers to create premium products through texture enhancement
  • Hypoallergenic and special needs formulations: helping to create solutions free-from common allergens meeting the specific needs of hungry babies or those which need an anti-regurgitation formula
  • Texture development: producing textures to help dysphagia sufferers swallow better
  • Enhancing texture: our starches add texture to help dysphagia sufferers and can be used in most types of clinical sip and tube feeding.
  • Fibre enrichment: our starch solutions are neutral in flavour, fibre-providing and non-allergenic.
  • Reliability and consistency: delivering both peace of mind and helping improve performance through reliable supply and batch-to-batch consistency. Our ingredients are gluten-free and manufactured using a clean process.

Our portfolio of clinical nutrition products help to deliver a patient's nutritional needs and perform a range of functions to help you create consumer-winning products through:

Our clinical nutrition ingredients provide a range of functions to help you address specific challenges. Our technical team are on-hand to answer any product or application-related questions you may have.

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