Introducing Ingredion EMEA Virtual Innovation Studios'

Fast-track your product development with virtual innovation and personalised co-creation

Stay ahead of consumers’ everchanging habits

Consumers’ demand is evolving fast – and companies must continue to stay ahead of this to deliver the best eating experiences that customers seek. New concepts need to be developed even faster, recipes formulated and tested, and technical challenges resolved. Working with Ingredion ensures that you'll be provided with next-level experts to achieve beyond what’s expected.

Ingredion’s Virtual Innovation studios provide businesses with the ability to work easily with colleagues worldwide, access broader expertise using our multilingual service, and formulate projects via virtual sessions. Our leading-edge technology includes our studios which are tailored to your precise needs, with resources brought straight to you by our team of experts, reducing timelines and boosting the rate of success.

We're going virtual with our breakthroughs!

For a seamless and productive collaboration with Ingredion Idea Labs innovation centers, we've equipped our global network with high-definition virtual studios for remote troubleshooting, plant trials, real-time microscopy and more.

Virtual Innovation Studio

Virtual innovation, working harder for you

Technology is transforming how we work; we’re learning to collaborate and create in new exciting ways, that are not only better for business but better for the planet too. We prioritise making your product development journey faster and delivering on your targets.

Our Virtual Innovation Studio’s next-gen technology brings together our fully developed kitchen application lab, texture analyst studio, and technical experts to collaborate with you in real-time. We have been able to explore and design new ways that create value for your business through this.

We firmly believe that the Virtual Innovation Studio will transform the way we work together and add real value to your product development strategy.

  • Formulate your plan: Our multi-disciplined team can collaborate with you to draft, test, plan, and create your end formula, applying our expertise to your projects. Ingredion’s virtual innovation studios are your future solutions to remote co-creation, giving you access to live demonstrations, analysis of formulations and prototypes, and interactive cooperation.
  • Dedicated technical service team: Our expert technical team is always on hand to troubleshoot any problems at your convenience.
  • Sustainability: We’re bringing people, nature, and technology to make ‘all life’ better. With sustainable ingredients, products, solutions, and now virtual co-creation with you.
  • Cutting Edge Technology: Work side by side with both our customers and expert team to achieve the targets set for us. Our fully developed kitchen application lab, texture analysis studio, and technical experts will all enable you to accelerate your growth.

Co-create with us

Wherever you are. You can now be assured that an Ingredion expert is just a click away. 

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