The Stevia Institute

The Stevia Institute provides science-based information about stevia, a plant-based, zero calorie, sustainable sweetener of natural origin. The Stevia Institute was launched in June 2010, as an educational resource for health professionals, consumers, food and beverage manufacturers, public affairs leaders and scientists. Since then, Stevia Institute has worked internationally to build awareness of stevia through education and outreach programs. 

What is stevia?

Stevia is a plant-based ingredients used to sweeten virtually all types of food and beverages consumers enjoy. Learn more about the ingredients origins, and why so many people are interested in this new tool in sugar reduction. 

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Stevia safety

Learn the science behind why stevia extracts are safe and impactful way to replace sugar or artificial sweeteners.

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Diet, metabolism and weight management

Reducing sugar and calories in your diet is a common strategy when pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Learn how plant-based, zero calorie stevia sweeteners can be a powerful tool to help you achieve your wellness goals.

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Stevia taste science: what is taste?

The taste of stevia has a lot to do with science. Explore the technical methods of taste breakthroughs for the more than 70 steviol glycosides.

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Stevia and diabetes management

Learn how stevia can be a natural, healthy and safe sugar substitute for people with diabetes.

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Stevia taste: how sweet is stevia?

Learn how compounds known as steviol glycosides make the sweet taste of stevia possible, and the science behind the taste of stevia.

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Are There Allergic Reactions to Stevia?

Research shows that stevia allergies are unlikely to occur. Learn about the research and safety of stevia in terms of allergies.

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Is stevia safe for children?

Research shows that stevia is a safe sugar substitute that can be used to reduce sugar in children’s diets. Learn about stevia safety for children.

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Stevia Agriculture and Farming

Learn the science behind natural stevia leaves, how growing stevia is a sustainable practice, and how it produces a great tasting sugar substitute.

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