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Flavourings with Modifying Properties

Improve taste while solving better-for-you product challenges

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Amplify saltiness with less sodium. Add sweetness without the sugar. And use plant-based ingredients without any lingering off-notes. To help manufacturers fast-track product development and deliver delicious new products, Ingredion’s consultative flavour modification solution leverages our broad portfolio of flavours with modifying properties (FMPs) to solve better-for-you challenges while achieving taste profiles that are nearly identical to those offered by traditional ingredients.

Our flavour modification experts work across categories to create desirable eating experiences and give manufacturers the most innovative solutions available according to four key pillars.

  • Sweetness quality — Leveraging our natural sweeteners and sugar-reduction solutions, we design sweetness profiles that deliver qualitative upfront impact and move product taste closer to that of real sugar
  • Flavour synergies — Targeting and boosting specific tonal flavours such as fruit, chocolate or spice notes imparts food and beverage products with a complementary, well-rounded taste profile
  • Sodium reduction — Ingredion’s unique flavour-modifying ingredients are perfect for magnifying saltiness and satisfying umami flavours while reducing sodium levels
  • Balanced build — Our FMPs can improve, balance and round-out overall taste by suppressing or mitigating undesirable notes, increasing flavour and mouthfeel perceptions and modifying lingering flavours

Our dedication to taste excellence inspires us to offer this service at no additional cost to manufacturers that partner with us for their formulation needs. Iterative, collaborative and transparent, our taste improvement solution utilizes our core expertise to deliver products that have the better-for-you benefits consumers demand — and make taste a top priority.

What are flavour modifiers and FMPs?

Flavours with modifying properties (FMPs) are food ingredients that fall under a natural flavour declaration. FMPs can solve for off-flavours like lingering and metallic notes when reducing sugar, astringencies when using plant-based proteins or magnifying saltiness while reducing sodium.

Why FMPs make sense

Our FMPs offer stability during manufacturing and extended shelf-life — all while being significantly less expensive than many alternatives. FMPs can reduce costs by avoiding expensive flavour extracts and they also have broad regulatory clearance.

Webinar: Achieve sustainable sugar reduction

Ingredion’s application knowledge and comprehensive portfolio can help you create great-tasting products without all the sugar and advance your brand’s sustainability goals.

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Sustainable and traceable

Ingredion’s FMP portfolio includes ingredients that can be traced from seed to shelf. Our manufacturing processes and local supply chains are designed to reduce impact and support sustainability claims. Learn more about our practices by reading our 2021 Sustainability Report.

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As experts in taste, texture and sensory science, Ingredion can help you make your brands healthier while still delivering the same eating experience your consumers love.

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