Clean beauty, no compromise — plant-powered skin care is in demand

Plants with purpose — choose naturally derived, sustainable ingredients

The clean beauty skin care category has risen from niche to necessity, from cult status to critically acclaimed. Nowadays, “natural” is the most sought-after claim across the globe for personal care products, followed closely by efficacy.1 However, decoding what natural means isn’t easy.

The must-have “clean beauty” claim on everyone’s lips has no regulatory definition, yet clearly safety, sustainability and transparency are vital concerns. The clean beauty market, valued at USD 5439.6 million in 2020, is expected to reach USD 11558.5 million in 2027. Consumers want products that are mindfully designed for the health and safety of people and the planet.

Create customised, plant-powered moisturisers

Achieve potent, nature-based performance without chemical modifications. Need to soothe dry, dehydrated complexions? How about improving barrier function and defending against potential irritants? Design naturally derived moisturisers that can be fine-tuned to consumer needs, from oil-free and lighter lotions for day to rich, luxurious night and body creams.

Easy as one, two… Free (from undesirable chemicals)!

It just makes sense, when you’re wearing moisturiser, lotions and powder 24/7, why wouldn’t you switch to a cleaner, safer alternative? And look to labels free from potentially harmful and irritating ingredients (sulfate, aluminium, parabens, silicone and more)? Against animal testing? Need non-GMO, organic and cruelty-free claims? Want to ensure your products are sulfate- and paraben-free? The foundation of a best-selling skin care regimen begins with ingredients you believe in.

Products you feel good about—from first-to-last dab, dollop and drop

  • Design skin-friendly routines with powerful plant-based polymers
  • Choose from our emollients, humectants, film-formers and stabilisers
  • Develop cruelty-free products without chemicals and GMOs
  • Elevate with naturally derived green, organic and sustainable options
  • Achieve compatibility with sulfate-free and waterless formulas

Create lush, bio-based facial washes and cleansers that rinse with ease

Clean-label facial cleansers and body washes begin here. Nourish and hydrate skin without unnecessary irritants. Turn facial cleansers and body washes into a daily detox with lush, cleansing capabilities that rinse with ease. Create safer, blemish-free alternatives to skin-stripping sulfates; never sacrificing lather or sensorial appeal. 

A safer alternative to talc for the whole family

Absorb body perspiration and excess oil and naturally neutralise odour and wetness with plant-powered ingredients. Create safer, more sustainable talc-free and aluminium-free baby powders, and body and foot powders with plant-based starches that target moisture absorbency. Leave skin feeling soft, silky, smooth and utterly touchable with naturally derived alternatives to potentially harmful talc-based options.

Add naturally derived, luxurious appeal to favourite skin-loving products

Consumers are turning to nature-based and organic products to avoid contentious chemicals and support eco-conscious, ethical brands. Our groundbreaking plant-based ingredient solutions, coupled with personal care expertise, helps pack plant-based pampering into facial and body products with safer, more sustainable ingredients.

Go organic with NATIVACARE™ natural polymers

Add creamy texture to moisturisers and creams, plus improve viscosity and integrity with made from sustainably sourced corn, rice and tapioca. Innovative new technology allows NATIVACARE™ natural polymers to be compatible with a broad range of raw materials, temperatures, and pH for superior skin feel without compromise.

Featured products

Ingredient INCI name Function Application

FARMAL® MS 6135 bio-based polymer

Calcium starch octenylsuccinate

Rheology modifier, skin feel, moisture absorbency

Body powder, skin care

FARMAL® MS 6822 multi-functional polymer

Sodium hydroxypropyl starch phosphate

Viscosity, sensory


NATIVACARE® 5600 natural* polymer

Zea mays (corn) starch

Rheology modifier, skin feel, Ecocert2

Skin care, emulsion-based products

NATIVACARE® 9330 tapioca starch

Tapioca starch

Rheology modifier, skin feel, certified organic3

Body powder, lotion, cream, gel

NATIVACARE® 8600 rice starch

Oryza sativa (rice) starch

Rheology modifier, skin feel, viscosity, Ecocert2

Skin care, spreadable products

Turn heads with Ingredion

Our team of technical and market experts are standing by to help you design winning products. With a culture of collaboration and deep formulation expertise, we are your dedicated guide to sustainable, on-trend personal care.

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1Ingredion proprietary research, Consumer Research for Beauty and Personal Care, 2018

2Approved by Ecocert in accordance with the COSMOS standard.

3Certified organic according to Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007

*NATIVACARE® 5600 and 8600 polymers are approved by Ecocert in accordance with the COSMOS standard. NATIVACARE® 9230, 9360 and 9330 polymers are USDA NOP organic-certified according to regulation (EC) No. 834/2007.

This information is intended to support the efforts of our customers to develop and implement an appropriate labelling strategy for products containing Ingredion’s products. In all respects, the ultimate decisions on how to identify claims on packages and label ingredients on packages remains with our customers. Ingredion Incorporated and the Ingredion group of companies make no warranty about the accuracy or completeness of the information contained above or the suitability of any of our products for your specific intended use. We urge you to carefully review the relevant regulations and to seek appropriate legal counsel as you determine the labelling requirements applicable to your products.