Sports & Active Nutrition

Identifying new opportunities in the fast-growing sports & active nutrition category

Formulating for Success in Sports & Active Nutrition 

Sports nutrition is now more inclusive, it is no longer just for performance-orientated consumers. We listen to consumers' and manufacturers' needs and today, health-conscious consumers with active lifestyles are also seeking quality active nutrition products in mainstream food and beverage categories, for everyday consumption.

With the sports and active nutrition market expanding, consumers are no longer focusing on quality alone.

High protein, plant-based, fibre-fortified, sustainably sourced ingredients, great taste, texture, and mouthfeel are product attributes consumers are looking for when selecting their preferred sports and active nutrition beverages. Our team of experts are here to support you to meet the needs of consumers and to present an enhanced consumption experience for your consumers.

Discover how we can help you formulate sports & active nutrition products that offer the ideal nutritional appeal, functionality, texture, and taste to deliver satisfaction and consumer appeal. Take advantage of Ingredion’s expert assistance, broad portfolio of speciality ingredients and clean-label solutions.

Sports & Active Nutrition

How can we help you overcome your formulation challenges?

Meet the key trends in sports & active nutrition successfully and formulate products that offer the ideal taste, texture, nutritional appeal and functionality. 

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Protein Enrichment

Provide an improved drinking experience with our sustainably sourced, cleaner-tasting pea protein isolates and proprietary de-flavouring technology.

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Naturally Sourced Sweetness

Replace sugar and sweeten your beverage with our natural, non-caloric sweeteners. sweeteners to support the wellness and sustainable lifestyle choices of your consumers with PureCircle™ by Ingredion's sweeteners.

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Taste Optimisation

Enhance sweetness quality and boost desirable flavour attributes while masking off-notes to provide optimal taste solutions.

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Fibre Fortification

With our easily dissolved, clean-tasting fibre, Versafibe 285™, you can enrich your beverages while ensuring the ideal nutritional profile of your products, meeting consumer trends for support in gut health.

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Texture and Mouthfeel

Provide viscosity and smooth mouthfeel, whilst reducing protein chalkiness, especially in sugar-reduced formulations with our clean-label viscosifiers including Novation Starches, Erysta™, Erythritol, Versafibe™ 285.


Improved Visual Appeal

Improve product appearance through product stabilisation. Incorporate problematic liquid ingredients, slow the sedimentation of powdered RTM products and provide stable high oil load emulsions in RTD beverages using our Novation Indulge range, Purity GUM Emulsifier and N-Zorbit plating agent.

Report: Meeting consumer demands in sports & active nutrition

Sports & active nutrition is showing year-on-year growth and is expected to reach €35 million by 2025 in EMEA.

Meet the growing opportunity in sports & active nutrition by partnering with Ingredion. Explore how to formulate products that offer the ideal taste, texture, nutritional appeal, and functionality that consumers demand.

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Taste Sweet Liberation

Are you feeling the pressure to reduce sugar content but don’t know where to start? Are you worried about the impact on taste, texture, affordability and clean label? Ingredion can help you break free.

With our formulation capabilities and broad ingredient portfolio, you can develop great tasting products that are low in sugar and high in consumer appeal. Freedom from sugar never tasted so good.

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