Create delicious convenience with starches

Starches are some of the most flexible and essential ingredients in the world. These versatile, can-do ingredients deliver a number of benefits when used in food and beverage formulations — including thickening and binding, freeze-thaw stability, reduced costs and much more. 

Ingredion’s broad portfolio of in-demand, naturally derived solutions can make your foods and beverages stand out on the shelves for all the right reasons. When you partner with Ingredion, you’ll gain access to our teams of technical and market experts around the world. We’ll choose the right starch for you, whether it’s modified for top-notch performance or naturally functional for enhanced label appeal — with all the texture you need. 

Offer clean and simple labels, boost nutrition and improve the sensory appeal of your products with our tested experience and formulation expertise. Explore how our industry-changing starch solutions can help you drive a new way forward.  Together, we can achieve functionalities you never thought possible. 

Functional Native Starches

What if you could get all the functionality you need while offering the natural, organic and recognisable ingredients consumers want? With Ingredion, you can.

Our NOVATION® functional starches deliver the processing and stability of traditional modified starches with the advantage of a simple, consumer-friendly label — even in challenging applications like dairy desserts, salad dressings and more.

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Custard filled donut with icing sugar

Modified Starches

When food scientists discovered how to modify starch — to thicken pie fillings and keep canned soups hearty — they knew they were onto something big. Modified starches opened the door to a whole new world of food possibilities that persists today, with busy families seeking convenient, great-tasting meals and snacks — on the table or on the go. 

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Two halves of a toastie with melting cheese oozing out

Potato Starches

Control melt and stretch while making cost savings in analogue cheese, improve the crunch of your French fries, save recipe costs in processed meats while enhancing succulence or create a standout snacks texture with the versatility of potato starches at your disposal. Find out how.

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Learn more about texturizers

Whether you’re formulating for a specific characteristic or simply interested in learning more about an ingredient, our Texturizer Solutions page has all the information you need.

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