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Our Infant Milk Formula (IMF) starches are specially developed for use in Infant Milk Formula products - not for anything else. Along with our clean process and high-care lines, you benefit from peace of mind as well as the nutritional and textural advantages of our ingredients.

In this sensitive market, Ingredion offers that all-important added confidence and capability to manufacturers while helping improve performance through reliable supply and batch-to-batch consistency.

Understanding and meeting the needs of parents is our priority when developing new products and applications. At Ingredion, we use market insights to identify opportunities that have genuine parent appeal. By applying this research, our technical experts will work with you to develop end products which can help reduce your research and development costs. So, whether it’s anti-regurgitation, hypoallergenic or comfort formulas, our tried and tested expertise can deliver new (re)formulations to meet your need.

Our aim is to help you meet the challenge of balancing nutritional value with the right texture. In an area where taste appeal is limited, texture is a key differentiator.

How our products add value

Our specialised portfolio of infant nutrition ingredients can help you develop consumer-winning products every time by:

  • Delivering nutrition safely: our ingredients meet the strictest micro standards and necessary regulatory requirements
  • Tailoring texture to meet your individual requirements: create appealing textures and differentiate your products with the help of our starch-based specialised texturisers
  • Creating products that are easy to use: the excellent dispersion of our ingredients make for quick and easy preparation and rich, creamy textures that parents prefer
  • Meeting the needs of sensitive babies: some babies have additional needs and so we have created our tailored solutions for anti-regurgitation, hypoallergenic and 'hungry' babies to help
  • Enhancing nutritional profile: with ingredients that bring infant formulas and baby milks closer to mother’s milk.

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