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Colours and flavourings

Discover innovative encapsulation solutions from Ingredion

Deliver consumer-winning colours and flavours in beverages

Ingredion’s encapsulation solutions allow you to develop cost-effective and stable formulations of flavours, essential oils, carotenoid-based colours, vitamins and nutrients.

Our encapsulants are sustainably sourced and non-GMO. As a result, you can rely on security of supply with consistent, reliable product quality for your products. Our products are non-allergenic, non-animal and derived from sustainable, renewable sources. 

Overcome your formulation challenges

Encapsulation is the efficient, cost-effective way to transform oil soluble, volatile and oxidation sensitive ingredients into free-flowing powders. It protects the actives during shelf life from light (UV), oxidation and flavour losses due to evaporation of volatile molecules.

Ingredion’s encapsulation solutions will deliver a range of benefits to your encapsulated products and manufacturing operations:

  • Improve product quality and shelf-life stability
  • Enhance sensory and nutritional properties
  • Improve release characteristics
  • Reduce flavour loss during processing and storage
  • Reduce cost-in-use through high oil loading and productivity improvements
  • Deliver nutrients that previously would have been incompatible, unpalatable or destroyed in the production process
  • Create cleaner labels that consumers prefer and trust

Discover the superior and reliable alternative to Gum Arabic

Compared to Gum Arabic, Ingredion’s solutions deliver a range of benefits:

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Improved formulation

  • Lower solution viscosity, enabling higher solid content
  • More effective surface tension reduction for reduced homogenisation pressure
  • Smaller particle size, enabling semi-transparent instant emulsions (colours)
  • Better batch-to-batch consistency
  • Security of supply and stable pricing

Improved encapsulated flavour stability

  • Increased flavour retention in the final powder
  • Stable flavour intensity during storage
  • Stable flavour profile during storage
  • Good oxidation stability, with no off-note development
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Improved productivity and profitability

  • Oil load increase
  • Higher solids in the spray dry slurry ensures
  • Productivity improvement
  • Improved flavour recovery in the final powder

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