Plant-based proteins

The future of protein is plant-based

Demand for plant-based protein is sweeping the food industry as consumers seek more sustainable and healthful options. These nutritional wonders are rich in protein and fibre, free of GMOs and allergens. They enable clean labels and on-trend claims that set your products apart and strengthen their appeal, especially for consumers exploring beyond soy and wheat protein. It’s a rapidly growing movement with no signs of slowing down.

As interest in plant protein reaches new heights in the food industry, you've got to be fast to formulate to ever-changing consumer tastes and sustainability requirements. Here's where Ingredion’s plant protein expertise moves you ahead. With our full formulation and applications capabilities, and continuously growing portfolio that includes isolates, concentrates, and flours, the future of sustainably sourced, nutritious plant-based protein is yours to explore. We're committed to plant protein—and we're continually investing to help you navigate this developing plant-based world.

Ultra Performance plant protein line recognised for sustainability excellence

Ingredion’s Ultra Performance line of plant-based protein solutions helps food and beverage manufacturers create craveable products that offer an exceptional taste and sensory experience with greater sustainability.

Protein Product Line Wins Award

The production innovation has earned the Ultra Performance line recognition as the Best Plant-Based Sustainability winner during the World Plant-Based Awards at the 2022 Plant Based World Expo.

The Ultra Performance line allows for the creation of better tasting plant-based food and beverages without the raw plant flavour, bitter taste or uncontrolled microbial levels common with dry milling pulse products. Additionally, it allows manufacturers to increase the amount of protein in their products due to the ingredient’s delivery of up to 60% plant protein content on dry basis.

Made at Ingredion’s Vanscoy, Saskatchewan, Canada facility, the more sustainable Ultra Performance line of pea proteins does not generate any wastewater during processing. Our proprietary process does not incorporate chemicals or additives, uses much less water (0.2%) and energy (5.5%) than traditional pea protein production and is one of many examples of Ingredion’s commitment to reducing our environmental impact and reaching our 2030 All Life Plan sustainability goals.

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Locally sourced pulses offer sustainable agriculture options

Our Ultra Performance plant-based protein product line enhances sustainability

From sourcing and processing in Canada to delivery to food and beverage manufacturers’ facilities, sustainability is top of mind. As part of its Sustainable Development Goals initiative, the United Nations has indicated that alternate proteins will play a necessary role in healthy diets by 2030.

  • Pulses have a lower carbon footprint compared to other crops because they require significantly less nitrogen to produce1, which means they require less fertiliser.
  • Pulses have a significantly lower production water footprint than traditional animal proteins—41 gal/pound vs. 1,857 gal/pound2
  • Pulses absorb 70-80% of in-season nitrogen needs from the air, reducing GHGs as well as the need for fertiliser application
  • When soil is fertilised with nitrogen, micro-organisms convert some of the nitrogen into nitrous oxide
  • Nitrous oxide is 300x more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas
  • Local Canada supply chain also utilises ethical practices

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Plant-based proteins

Plant-based protein portfolio

Get a head start on finding the right protein for your application by downloading our all-in-one guide to sustainable plant-based proteins

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A commitment to sustainable plant-based protein

  • Investments in innovative facilities to support growth
  • Dedication to finding new breakthroughs in plant protein

Ingredient solutions to power plant-based products

  • Protein solutions from sources including peas, beans, and lentils that are non-GMO and low allergenicity
  • Flours, starches and hydrocolloids to create just-right texture and functionality

Comprehensive knowledge to enable the creation of product solutions on demand.

  • Rapid prototyping: Developing multiple iterations quickly
  • Sensory mapping: Designing profiles to meet consumers’ tastes
  • CULINOLOGY®: Tailoring flavour profiles and concepts
  • Consumer insights: Transforming insights into on-trend solutions

Together, let's create formulations that help your business grow

At Ingredion, our knowhow, process expertise and flexibility can enable you to rapidly produce on-trend, in-demand, plant-based protein products for today’s consumers — and the world we all share.

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