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Bakery fillings

Create delicious bakery fillings with Ingredion

Consumers are demanding more from their sweet baked goods. From reduced calorie or cleaner label, to a stand-out premium eating experience that never disappoints, you’ll need to tick all the right boxes if you want consumers to buy your products time and time again.

We know that your commercial objectives are always front-of-mind when formulating a new product or optimising a bakery filling recipe. When you work with Ingredion, we’ll help you find holistic solutions that take into account functionality, eating experience and cost optimisation.

Bakery fillings solutions

Save money

Create bakery fillings with the texture consumers love, without compromising on profitability. Discover Ingredion’s range of texturising solutions that deliver quality and functionality while allowing you to optimise your recipe costs.

Reduce sugar

Health-conscious consumers are looking for indulgent treats without the guilt. Tap into the growing trend for lower-sugar baked goods with nutrition-related claims. Learn how to reduce sugar in your bakery fillings formulations. 

Go clean label

Ingredion’s proprietary ATLAS research shows that baked goods are one of the top applications that consumers want to be clean(er) label. Discover how to clean up your labels and give consumers transparency they can trust. 

Premium texture

Taste and texture remain key drivers for purchase and re-purchase in the baked goods category. Learn how Ingredion’s range of starches can offer an extra creamy texture, even in demanding processing and storage conditions.

Bakery filling recipes

Whether you want to create the right creamy texture, optimise recipe costs, or reduce sugar to meet key consumer trends, Ingredion can help you find the solution for your needs. Discover our portfolio of innovative ingredient solutions for a wide range of bakery filling applications.

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No added sugar lemon filling

Learn how to create a delicious no sugar added lemon filling for shortcrust biscuits, while delivering the right texture and taste. 

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Bake stable caramel filling

Learn how to formulate a cost-optimsied caramel filling with a rich, creamy texture and high bake stability.

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Affordable bakery cream mix

Discover how to develop a cost-effective instant bakery cream recipe that offers good baking and freezing stability. 

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Clean label strawberry filling

Learn how to formulate a clean label injectable high brix fruit filling for post-baked products that provides good firmness, texture and flavour.

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How to create a high performance instant vanilla bakery filling

Create an instant vanilla bakery cream mix using SWELY™ GEL 200 modified starch. Watch our chef use it in a recipe for a delicious vanilla, raspberry tart. Discover how you could take your bakery fillings to the next level with solutions from Ingredion.

Bakery fillings