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Demand for nature-based content is growing across the board. But performance and functionality are crucial to your products’ success. With Ingredion, you can deliver it all. Create new products, improve performance and enhance sustainability with nature.

Glass fibre solutions

Ingredion sizing starches will help you to successfully exploit the growing global demand for glass yarns in key sectors such as construction, electronics and transportation. In these sectors, glass fibre is replacing traditional materials in a range of applications as manufacturers recognise the benefits it brings in terms of weight reduction, superior performance, sustainability and lower cost.

Sizing starches from Ingredion offer consistent quality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, helping you to deliver the performance your customers demand at a price that’s right.

Reels of white glass fibre with a person unwinding one

Sizing starches for glass yarns

Ingredion’s affordable, high performance sizing starches allow you to customise your glass fibre products for a range of applications, while eliminating synthetic alternatives and boosting your green credentials.

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Paper, board and tissue

Ingredion’s bio-polymers can help improve your paper, board and towel products while saving you time and money. Boost your productivity by improving quality, strength and speed.

Ingredion’s bio-polymer products are based on renewable and sustainable starches. In addition, they can help you reduce or eliminate synthetic alternatives. As a result, you can boost your company’s green credentials and appeal to today’s more eco-conscious consumers.

Key applications

Ingredion’s products bring benefits in the following applications:

A stack of white paper towel rolls

Tissue and towel

Provides strength, softness, absorbency, bulk, speed and fibre substitution.

Close-up of a pile of liner cardboard


Delivers strength, speed, retention and drainage, and grammage reduction for board and recycled board operations.

Paper towel being manufactured in a factory

Uncoated paper

Offers strength, speed, retention and drainage and fibre substitution.

A pile of colour printed brochures

Coated paper

Increase strength, speed, retention and drainage and improve surface appearance and printability. Deliver a higher level of printability to your customers, as well as reduced linting, more uptime and greater efficiencies.

Inside of an industrial manufacturing facility


Reduce linting and dusting and increase strength, speed, retention and drainage, and filler content.

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