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Break free from sugar with our innovative sugar reduction solutions and create products consumers will love.

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Demand for reduced sugar products is rapidly becoming the rule, rather than the exception. Health-conscious consumers are actively trying to limit sugar consumption. While new regulations and health initiatives are increasing pressure on the food industry to go further and faster.

But at the same time, consumers are not willing to give up the indulgent tastes and textures they’ve come to expect. In other words, they want healthier products without sacrificing sensory experience. 

Breaking down barriers

We can help you overcome these challenges and create great tasting products. Ingredion has the formulation capabilities and ingredient solutions to help you break through.

With our broad portfolio of in-demand plant-based sweeteners and range of flavour modifiers and texturising solutions, we can help you: 

  • Reduce sugar, not taste or indulgence
  • Build back sugar’s functionality
  • Support “natural”, plant-based and “clean label” claims 
  • Create affordable reduced sugar products.


The latest stevia solutions are here

Are you facing the challenge of formulating reduced sugar products, whilst retaining the taste AND texture?

There have been some exciting developments in this area including our Clean Taste Stevia Solutions which might be the perfect solution for your needs.

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Tools for sugar reduction

Learn how our ingredient solutions can help you meet consumer expectations on every level

Taste Sweet Liberation

We’re on a mission to help you set consumers free from sugar. Take a closer look to find out more.

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Stevia: Taste the next generation

The Evolution of stevia as a cutting-edge plant-based sweetener.

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Stevia: Plant-based and naturally sweet

Learn about the origins of this powerful sweetener and how we consistently produce the highest quality stevia plants through PureCircle’s StarLeaf™ Agronomy programme.

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Stevia: Innovative technologies for cost effective & sustainable production of Reb-M

Learn about our bioconversion and precision fermentation technologies that make Reb-M accessible to brands of all sizes.

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Functional build-back in reduced-sugar products

Achieving taste and sensory targets in sugar reduction can be challenging. Find out how we're helping manufacturers achieve no, low, and reduced sugar goals, with the texture to match.

Sugar reduction

Creating in-demand reduced sugar products

Whether you want to reduce sugar content to improve nutritional labelling, appeal to health-conscious consumers or align with new legislation, our experienced team can help you find the right solution for your application. 

Dairy & Dairy Alternatives

Dairy & Dairy Alternatives

From spoonable yoghurts, to vegan ice cream and fruit prep, let’s create delicious reduced-sugar products that exceed consumer expectations.  

Explore dairy and dairy alternatives

Non-alcoholic Beverages

Non-alcoholic Beverages

Let us help you re-imagine your beverages with refreshing low-sugar options that consumers will love.

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Sports nutrition

Sports nutrition

Meet the growing opportunity in sports nutrition. Formulate products that offer the ideal taste, texture, nutritional appeal, and functionality that consumers demand.

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Sauces and Dressings

Sauces and Dressings

Keep pace with the reduced sugar trend by creating savoury products that are high on taste and low in sugar.  

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Achieve Sweet Success in confectionery with our innovative solutions for sugar reduction.

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Discover how to create great-tasting sweet treats without the high sugar content.

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Innovative sweetener solutions

Do you want to know more about plant-based stevia sweeteners? Find out how to benefit from their zero-calorie contribution without compromising sensory appeal? Respond to strong consumer demand for ‘naturally sweetened’ product labels?  


Whatever your goal, our experienced team will find the right sweetener solution for your application.  

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