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Reducing sugar is an art and a science

Formulate great-tasting reduced-sugar products

We can help you find the right ingredients for your sugar-reduction and functional build-back needs.

Formulators have many options for reducing sugar content in their food and beverages, but it can be challenging to know which is best for a specific application. From enhancing sweetness to reducing sugar and calories, or building back texture and stability, different ingredients have different uses. Ingredion’s full portfolio of category-specific sugar-reduction solutions — including functional build-back ingredients, rare sugars, syrups and naturally derived stevia sweeteners — maintains appetite appeal with personalized solutions for your unique application needs.

To determine which of our featured sweetener ingredients is best for you, consider these questions.

  • Do I need to reduce sugar or remove it completely?
  • Do I need to mask off-notes or achieve flavor synergies?
  • How important are label claims such as “sustainable” or “low in calories?”

Ingredion is dedicated to making our full depth of sugar-reduction expertise and broad ingredient portfolio available to food formulators and manufacturers, large or small. And with our global insight and local and regional expertise, the right solution is always within reach. Explore the topics below and then contact our experts to discuss how we can help you give consumers what they want, meet regulatory goals, speed time to market and put you in the sweet spot for growing your brand.

Explore consumer perceptions of allulose

Can this emerging rare sugar hit the sweet spot with your consumers? Download our report to learn about consumers' willingness to trial allulose — and their increased acceptance after they are made aware of what allulose is.

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Featured ingredients for reducing sugar

Explore Ingredion’s functional build-back and sweetener portfolio or contact our experts for help finding a solution for your specific application.

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PureCircle™ Reb M stevia

Searching for sweetness without compromise? Reb M molecule is intensely sweet ingredient occurring naturally in the stevia leaf with zero calories and a nearly identical taste profile to sugar.

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Flavors with modifying properties

Flavors with modifying properties, or FMPs, fall under natural flavor declarations and are powerful ingredients frequently used for flavor enhancing, masking and balancing in better-for-you formulations.

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Sugar reduction case studies and expertise

See our sugar reduction and functional build-back solutions in action. If needed, our experts can quickly help you locate or suggest a formula that matches your application.

Various sugar-reduced cookies

Sugar reduction case studies and expertise

Explore our article on eliminating or reducing sugar in cookies and sweet biscuits without leaving any gaps for taste or functional performance.

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Reduced-sugar flavored water with berries

Reduced-sugar flavored water

See how we use the SIMPLISTICA™ BV 0358 ingredient system to reduce sugar in flavored water while maintaining texture and flavor.

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Let’s make your goals a reality

As experts in taste, texture and sensory science, Ingredion can help you make your brands healthier while still delivering the same eating experience your consumers love.

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