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Deliver great taste, nutrition, health and wellness benefits to create brand value and capture market share

Post-COVID macro food trends show demand for healthier food and beverages is at an all-time high, and rising consumer expectations are more nuanced than ever before. Consumers depend on manufacturers and brands to elevate their product offerings and deliver to their increased needs for overall health and well-being while maintaining taste and satisfaction.

  • Globally, consumers select food and beverages for taste and familiarity first and foremost1
  • 83% of global consumers agree that healthy food choices are important in maintaining their health2

The complexity of today’s market, regulatory landscape and diverse food trends make it a necessity for manufacturers to find a strategic partner with the required specialty ingredients, technical expertise and agility to drive speed to shelf. With expertise in taste, texture, sensory and nutrition science, Ingredion can help make your leading brands healthier while still delivering the same great eating experiences your consumers love.

Woman examining nutrition label

The experts at Ingredion help manufacturers find the right combination of consumer-preferred benefits to help your brands innovate and grow, including:

  • Enjoyable eating experiences
  • Advanced perceptions of nutrition, health and wellness
  • Clean label ingredients
  • Better back panel nutrition statements
  • More sustainable ingredients

Unlock your brand's full potential

Ingredion has a wealth of solutions for today's rapidly evolving innovation challenges  Connect with Ingredion experts to advance your nutrition, health and wellness strategy.



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Ingredient Selection Guide

Your guide to better nutrition, health and wellness ingredients

Capture consumer demand for healthier food and beverages with the right combination of features without sacrificing taste. Ingredion experts can help you delight customers and while differentiating your brand from the competition. 

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Our expertise and broad portfolio make Ingredion uniquely capable of meeting your nutrition, health and wellness needs

Whether you’re looking for solutions to enhance nutrition, need support on the delivery of ingredients for total health or want to improve the enablement of wellness lifestyle choices through your product offerings, Ingredion can help. 

Nutrition solutions

  • Fibre 
  • Protein 
  • Sugar reduction 
  • Fat reduction 
  • Sodium reduction
  • Calorie reduction  
  • Net carb reduction

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Two women with healthy smoothies

Health solutions

  • Digestive health
  • Metabolic management

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Wellness solutions

  • Sustainable 
  • Ethical 
  • Traceable 
  • Clean label 
  • Plant-based 
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic
  • Gluten-free 

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Consumers’ quest for “better” offers boundless opportunities for business growth

Consumers are counting on their favourite food and beverage brands all across the nutrition, health and wellness spectrum to deliver the same great taste, while making better-for-you and more sustainable choices easier. Almost all consumers – regardless of individual lifestyle needs – believe that manufacturers have an important responsibility for continually improving products, making them better for both people and the planet.

  • Over 80% of consumers are willing to switch to a new brand that uses only natural, recognizable ingredients3 
  • 66% of consumers believe brands should be doing more to protect the planet4
  • 1 in 2 consumers have made changes to their diets in the past two years to lead a more sustainable lifestyle4

At Ingredion, we understand what consumers are looking for and see the quest for better as a shared responsibility. Ingredion's consumer insights and nutrition science teams have the expertise needed to help you navigate market complexity, craft tighter product strategy and deliver the optimal combination of benefits to grow your business and help build brand equity.

Our global team can link the most desirable consumer benefits to the industry-recognized definitions of nutrition, health and wellness and adapt formulations for regional execution that meet local regulatory requirements.

  • Nutrition: The scientific discipline concerned with the access and utilization of food and nutrients as a fundamental pillar for life, health, growth, development and wellbeing.5
  • Health: a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.5
  • Wellness: The active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles leading to a holistic state of health.6

Our formulation, application and sensory team of experts employ a deep understanding of specialty ingredients and manufacturing techniques to help you deliver delicious, in-demand products.

Ingredion’s broad portfolio of ingredients includes options to satisfy the most in-demand nutrition, health and wellness label claims. We create solutions for cleaner, more sustainable food and beverages with ideal taste, texture and functionality.  We enhance product value, appeal and enjoyment that drives purchases and cements brand loyalty.  

Webinar: Fibre's role in nutrition, health and wellness snacking

Formulating snacks with a fibre focus can have a positive impact on your brand growth and appeal. Learn more consumer insights and healthy snacking trends from Ingredion experts.

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Understanding what consumers want and then creating strategies to meet those demands is now tantamount to brand success

Manufacturers that effectively and consistently meet consumer demand for healthier, more nutritious foods have a lot to gain, with research showing that consumers are willing to pay a premium for brands and items that help meet personal goals.  For consumers that are willing to pay more for specific nutrition, health and wellness benefits, brands that deliver those benefits are also more deserving of brand loyalty — setting the stage for repeat purchases that drive growth.

Percentage of consumers who say they are willing to pay at least 10% more for the following label claims3

Plant-based ingredients with the benefits consumers value most

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Let's discuss solutions for your specific formulation and application goals.

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Overcome nutrition, health and wellness challenges

Break down taste barriers

Nutrition, health and wellness formulations frequently fall short of taste expectations. Our sensory science-backed problem solving can help you overcome a wide range of challenges including flavour modification, sugar reduction, functional build-back and more.

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Bean sprouts emerging from soil

Improving wellness perceptions through sustainability

Consumers expect food and beverage manufacturers to be good stewards of our planet’s health. Partner with Ingredion to bring the potential of people, nature and technology together and create a more sustainable world.

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Nutrition, health and wellness case studies

Find a solution for your product category or application needs

Whether you’re trying to simplify labels, ensure products are delicious or help consumers make healthier choices, Ingredion has the ingredients and expertise to help.  

Fiber-enriched crackers


Create fibre rich products that promote digestive function.

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Healthy beverages in glasses with ice


Get ahead with in-demand ingredients tailored to your needs

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Pita bread with nutritious hummus


Balance snack cravings with preferred product attributes, meeting demand for nutrition, clean label ingredients, sustainability and more

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Plant-based shredded cheese

Plant-based dairy alternatives

Solve plant-based dairy formulating challenges with Ingredion's deep knowhow and portfolio of solutions

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Sugar-reduced cake with berries

Sugar reduction

Achieve sweetness innovation

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Peas in a pod

Resource library

Explore a wealth of resources from Ingredion to help you be what's next™

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Explore your opportunity in nutrition, health and wellness

Partner with Ingredion experts for solutions to your toughest formulation and innovation challenges. We can help you create more consumer value and gain share in the nutrition and wellness market. 

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