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Deliver a top-quality drinking experience that helps you win your market

Make your goals a reality with Ingredion

Get ahead of your competition with consumer-winning beverages that find the perfect balance between quality and cost efficiency.

To win your market, you need a constant pipeline of new formulations and a cast-iron supply chain. Overcome the challenges of changing consumer behaviour and the uncertainty of raw materials supply, with integrated solutions and leading-edge technology from Ingredion.

Our team of researchers, technical experts and chefs are at your service to help define the perfect emulsion, encapsulation matrix or carrier system for your latest formulation.

Overcome your formulation challenges

Ingredion combine science-based problem-solving expertise with an extensive range of innovative ingredient solutions to help manufacturers in the beverages sector overcome the most critical formulation challenges.

  • Increase efficiency: Reduce water and energy consumption in the manufacturing process
  • Reduce costs: Reduce recipe costs with our highly effective emulsifiers.
  • Improve sensory experience: Create a memorable sensory experience with longer lasting foam
  • Achieve reliability and consistency: Maintain consistency and increase flavour retention
  • Go natural: Position your beverages as clean label with our natural emulsifier
  • Achieve stability: Stabilise flavour and colour in your beverages
  • Encapsulation systems without e-numbers: Delivering high quality products with the nutritional and clean label claims today’s consumers prefer
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Creating in-demand beverages

Making sure your products tap into the most influential trends has never been more important. Protein-enriched. Natural. Sugar-reduced but with all of the taste, flavour and enjoyment. Delivering all this cost-effectively can be a challenge. Collaborate with us to leverage our industry-leading portfolio of solutions to help you overcome your formulation challenges and get your products to market faster.

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