Plant proteins

Navigating a plant-based world

Protein is top of mind for consumers seeking health benefits from their foods and beverages. Aside from their nutritional benefits, proteins contribute to fullness, satiety and can add body to a wide range of applications — from spoonable dressings to snack bars and more. 

As demand for plant protein reaches new heights in the food and beverage industry, you've got to move quickly to meet your formulation standards as well as the demands of consumers. Ingredion’s cost-optimised, plant-based solutions and tested experience can help you support the “vegan” and “gluten-free” label claims consumers prefer — while helping you get your plant-based products to market faster. Create clean label, on-trend products that will keep consumers — and profits — healthy.

Pulse proteins — a force of nature

The future of protein is plant-based, and pulses are leading the way. These nutritional wonders are rich in protein and fibre, free of GMOs and low in allergenicity. They can also enable clean labels and consumer-preferred claims that differentiate your products and strengthen their appeal — especially for consumers moving away from soy and wheat protein. 

That’s why we've invested heavily in next-level operations and supply chain technology for safe, sustainable plant protein sourcing and processing. By ensuring consistent quality and reliable performance, we're making pulse flours and proteins easy to work with — so you can deliver products that score high in consumer-preferred taste, texture and appearance.

Improving taste, quality and performance critical to plant-protein success

Ingredion Global Plant-Based Protein Lead Mike Natale is optimistic about the future state of the industry. Find out more as he shares his expertise on the latest advancements in plant-based product development and the big opportunity he sees for food and beverage manufacturers.  

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Power of Pulses

Ingredion has a broad portfolio of plant-based ingredients which manufacturers can incorporate into their recipe formulations.
Our pulse-based ingredients can be used across a wide range of applications to add functionality, protein and texture to meat and dairy alternative products. Watch the video to find out more.

Plant proteins

Ingredion’s plant proteins recognised for sustainability excellence

Our Ultra Performance line of plant-based protein solutions has been named the Best Plant-Based Sustainability winner during the 2022 World Plant-Based Awards. This better tasting, more sustainable product line provides great versatility in a variety of applications.

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VITESSENCE® TEX textured pulse proteins

VITESSENCE® TEX textured pea and faba bean proteins are designed to help you build the right texture, nutritional profile and front-of-pack claims in meat alternatives and plant-based ready meals.

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VITESSENCE® Prista ultra-performance pulse protein concentrates

Derived from pea and faba bean, VITTESSENCE® Prista's designed to help you build the right taste, nutritional profile, and consumer-preferred natural and non-soy based claims.

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Bean burger on a bun with avocado and sauce

Sustainably sourced, nutritious plant-based protein

Our portfolio of in-demand ingredients offers a selection of isolates, concentrates and protein-rich flours — all made exclusively from non-wheat and non-soy-based ingredients like peas, lentils, faba beans, chickpeas and more. Let Ingredion’s formulation expertise and dedicated alternative-meat and alternative-dairy centres of excellence help you discover revolutionary ways to accelerate growth and stay ahead of what’s next.

Learn more about texturisers

Whether you’re formulating for a specific characteristic or simply interested in learning more about an ingredient, our Texturiser Solutions page has all the information you need.

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