Plant proteins

Pulse proteins — a force of nature

The future is plant-based, and pulses are leading the way. Pulse ingredients can enable cleaner labels and consumer-preferred claims that differentiate your products and strengthen their appeal.

By ensuring consistent quality and reliable performance, we're making pulse flours and pulse proteins easy to work with - so you can deliver products that score high in consumer-preferred taste, texture, and appearance.

The power of pulses

  • Sourced from peas, faba beans, lentils and chickpeas
  • Plant-based, consumer-friendly labelling - Non-GMO, gluten-free, and clean label
  • Nutrition (protein, fibre, micronutrients) - enables plant protein content claims 
  • Sustainable - grown and manufactured using a solvent-free process
  • Allergen friendly - does not require an allergen label

Access our most complete plant-based protein portfolio

What does it take to create plant-based products that deliver both performance and appeal?

Download our e-book to learn about our full portfolio of pea protein isolates, pulse concentrates, pea starches and flours — plus the insights and expertise brands need to thrive.

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Our portfolio enables protein fortification for any application

Pea protein isolated - 80 - 85% protein*

Boost consumer appeal with our highest levels of protein. VITESSENCE pea protein isolates offer our highest levels of protein to enable "high protein" claims.

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Ultra-performance pulse protein concentrates - 55 to 60% protein*

Derived from pea and faba beans, VITESSENCE® Prista is designed to help you build the right taste and nutritional profile. Our proprietary physical process results in cleaner taste, low micro levels and full functionality.

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Pulse flours - 10 to 28% protein*

Improve the texture, appearance and nutritional profile of your products with protein-rich, gluten-free flours made from lentils, faba beans, and peas.

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Plant-based ingredient categories

Plant-based meat tacos

Plant-based meat and fish alternatives

Achieve the right textures, taste, and nutritional profiles in your meat and fish alternatives.

Dairy alternatives

Discover innovation that allows you to deliver plant-based products that still deliver the tastes and textures consumers expect.

Sports Nutrition

Balance the body and mouthfeel of your RTD beverages with a shorter ingredient list. Create mixes that shake up fast and offer a protein punch consumers will crave.


Get exactly the desired level of protein and functionality in enriched snacks and mixes, and create differentiated vegan snacks that explore new areas beyond wheat and rice.

Pulse proteins — a force of nature

Ingredion has a broad portfolio of plant-based ingredients which manufacturers can incorporate into their recipe formulations.
Our pulse-based ingredients can be used across a wide range of applications to add functionality, protein and texture to meat and dairy alternative products. Watch the video below to find out more.

Plant proteins

Unleashing the nutritional potential of plant-based protein

Wonder how it's reshaping sports nutrition, meal replacements, and snacks? Listen to our panel discussion with industry experts, in collaboration with the Future of Protein Production, where we will discuss consumer insights, key drivers, solutions and ingredient innovations.


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Plant-protein sustainability

Excellence in plant-protein sustainability

Discover the link between consumer preferences and sustainability, explore the environmental benefits of using plant-based proteins and learn more about our sustainable and versatile ingredient solutions just for formulators.

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Ripe rice field and sky background at sunset time with sun rays

Exploring the sustainable benefits of plant-based proteins

The Future of Protein Production is connecting companies working to make the global protein system more sustainable, kind and fair for the planet, people, and animals. 

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Learn more about texturisers

Whether you’re formulating for a specific characteristic or simply interested in learning more about an ingredient, our Texturiser Solutions page has all the information you need.

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