PureCircle by Ingredion stevia solutions

Reduce sugar and increase label appeal

Want to lighten up your products but keep the sweetness?

Today’s consumers are looking for foods and beverages with less sugar and fewer calories—and without artificial sweeteners. Formulators are tasked with delivering ideal taste, texture and nutritional appeal, all the while achieving consumer-preferred labeling.

PureCircle™ by Ingredion’s portfolio of stevia flavour modifiers and sweeteners delivers deep sugar reduction solutions. Our plant-based stevia ingredients start with proprietary stevia varietals, which are sustainably grown, minimally processed and traceable back to the farming communities. With unique and proprietary ingredients, compelling provenance and leading technical innovations, our stevia solutions are a great fit for a wide range of food and beverage applications.

We have stevia ingredients to reimagine sweet taste and address your sugar reduction challenges:

  • Reduce sugar while creating great tasting products
  • Enhance sweetness quality and minimise bitterness
  • Modify flavours
  • Improve your margins with innovative ingredients

Reimagine sweet taste across food and beverage categories:

Category ingredients

PureCircle Sigma Solutions are specialised select extracts of stevia flavour modifiers and sweeteners optimised to enhance foods and beverages in specific applications. Each is designed to address the unique challenges of different categories, for improved taste and better results.

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Foundation ingredients

Our foundation stevia ingredients are the core of many of the world’s most popular consumer products. They are a great way to reliably and cost-effectively reduce or eliminate sugar in a plant-based, sustainable way.

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Breakthrough ingredients

Our breakthrough ingredients represent a new era of great taste and sugar reduction. No more compromising taste for nutrition and healthier options. These stevia ingredients deliver a sugar-like sweetness, and are ideal for low and no added sugar products.

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Flavour modifiers

Our stevia-based flavour modifiers offer much more than optimising sweetness: from improving mouthfeel to blocking bitterness to enhancing savoury notes, our stevia flavour modifiers can create a broad spectrum of taste sensations for a range of applications.

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Let’s reimagine sweetness together

PureCircle by Ingredion offers a comprehensive portfolio of stevia solutions to address your sugar reduction challenge.

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