Talk to the experts at Ingredion to formulate the perfect sweetness and texture for your confections. Discover how to create temptingly tasty sugar-free and reduced-sugar confectionery.

Achieve sweet success in confectionery

Today's consumer demand is taking confections to new places - from no or reduced sugar to vegan and clean label. How can you deliver what they seek, with the great taste and texture they love?

Explore our innovative ingredients, including polyols, sweeteners, specialty starches and fibres to find just the right formulation.

Whatever your challenges, we're here to help you address the challenges of creating delicious, on-trend confections, including:

  • Bringing appealing textures to jelly bears without gelatine to enable a vegan positioning
  • Create white coatings for coated confectionery without Titanium Dioxide and a clean label
  • Formulate sugar-reduced or sugar-free hard-boiled candies & chocolate

Sugar-free and reduced-sugar confectionery

Zero in on sugar free confectionery with our innovative ingredient solutions. From hard boiled candies to chewy fruit gummies, you can cut sugar content without comprising the sweet treat experience.

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Sugar-free confectionery insights

Knowing how to connect with consumers helps to shape successful product development. Take a look at our confectionery infographic to discover why sugar reduction is a growth area in confectionery, which sugar claims resonate most strongly and what’s driving sweetener preference.

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Ready to taste the possibilities?

Experience the amazing results of our sugar reduction solutions for yourself with one of our exclusive tasting kits.

Deliciously sweet, low in calories, high shine and exceptionally shelf stable, our reduced sugar hard boiled candies and chocolates are impossible to resist.

All you have to do is unwrap and enjoy.

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Taste Sweet Liberation

Are you feeling the pressure to reduce sugar content but don’t know where to start? Are you worried about the impact on taste, texture, and affordability? Ingredion can help you break free.

With our formulation capabilities and broad ingredient portfolio, you can achieve sweet success and create sugar-free confectionery that keeps consumers coming back for more. Freedom from sugar never tasted so good.

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Extensive formulation capabilities. Broad portfolio of sweeteners, flavour modifiers and texturisers. Market research and consumer insights. Discover how we can help you develop what’s next in reduced sugar confectionery.

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