NOVATION® functional native starches

Process tolerant, clean label texturizers

Formulate food and beverages with ingredients consumers accept, expect and prefer

People want to know exactly what’s going into their food and beverages. That’s why you need to develop products containing the clean label ingredients consumers recognize and trust. Formulating additive-free, “natural” food with consumer-preferred ingredients to drive appeal inside and out can bring commercial and technical challenges.

How can you meet consumer demand for natural* clean label food and beverages without compromising flavour, colour, texture and performance?

Look to Ingredion for a full continuum of clean label functional starches to replace ingredients perceived as undesirable in existing products and develop new products while meeting your complex functionality and manufacturing needs. With NOVATION® functional native starches, you get the texture and process tolerance offered by a modified starch — and the simpler ingredient listing consumers favour.

Our portfolio of more than 35 clean label NOVATION® functional native starches made from waxy maize, waxy rice, tapioca and potato enables you to:

  • Dairy, yoghurts, desserts
  • Soups, sauces and dressings
  • Frozen/Refrigerated ready meals and sides
  • Fillings, fruit and vegetable preps
  • Alternative meat and dairy products
  • Baby food and meals
  • Bakery and snacks
  • Pet food
  • Beverages

Bring high-performance to light-coloured applications

Meet “natural” product demand without compromising flavour, colour, texture or performance with NOVATION® Lumina functional native starches.


Formulate consumer-preferred, clean label products

  • Baby food and baked goods
  • Soups, sauces and dressings
  • Dairy, fillings and fruit preparations
  • Alternative meat and dairy products
  • Frozen ready meals and sides
  • Beverages
  • Pet food

Documented non-GMO

Get the assurance of non-GMO quality worldwide. We’ve built a trusted supply chain for ingredients that are verified by the U.S.-based Non-GMO Project. And that’s not all. Our decade-old TRUETRACE® program also tracks NOVATION® ingredients every step of the way.

See our list of Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients

Clean label expertise and industry-changing ingredient solutions

As the pioneer in clean label ingredients, we make it our business to understand what consumers want from their food and beverages so we can help you overcome challenges and prioritize your product renovation and new product development efforts.

NOVATION® functional native starches

Featured ingredients

Functional native starch Description Type

Provides the highest process tolerance for light-colored applications with delicate flavors

Corn starch

Provides process tolerance

Cook up corn starch

Provides excellent frozen or refrigerated shelf life stability, with high resistance to heat, moderate shear and low pH. Smaller particle size

Cook up waxy rice starch

Provides excellent frozen or refrigerated shelf life stability with moderate resistance to heat, low resistance to shear and low pH. Smaller particle size

Cook up waxy rice starch

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