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VITESSENCE® Prista proteins

Ultra-performance pulse concentrates for pristine taste and functionality

VITESSENCE® Pulse proteins are a revolutionary line of ultra-performance pulse concentrates and flours for pristine taste and functionality

Consumers are more likely to try brands with claims that increase healthy perception, such as “protein,” “plant-based” and “gluten-free.” But to keep them coming back for more, your product needs to deliver an eating experience that meets taste, texture and mouthfeel expectations.

Create plant-protein enhanced food without the plant flavour, bitter taste or uncontrolled microbial levels inherent in dry-milled pulse products. With Ingredion’s proprietary physical deflavouring process means you can:

  • Expand your reach in more applications
  • Achieve higher grams of plant protein 
  • Now use pulses in instant and RTE products

Inspire repeat purchasing with VITESSENCE® Prista

Get to know VITESSENCE® Prista ultra-performance pulse ingredients. With market trends, sensory profile, and a wider range of applications. Watch the video below.

VITESSENCE® Prista proteins

Ingredion’s plant proteins recognised for sustainability excellence

Our Ultra Performance line of plant-based protein solutions has been named the Best Plant-Based Sustainability winner during the 2022 World Plant-Based Awards. This better tasting, more sustainable product line provides great versatility in a variety of applications.

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VITESSENCE® Prista is deliverng taste, nutrition, and consumer preference

Make your brand stand out with the consumer-preferred attributes of  VITESSENCE® Prista


Excellent clean flavour, with reduced typical plant notes and bitterness.


High protein functionality, with low microbial levels inherent in dry-milled pulse products


Enable plant protein content claims and offer fiber and key micronutrients

Consumer preferred

Non-GMO, gluten-free and clean label. Does not require allergen labelling

VITESSENCE® Prista protein concentrates attributes

VITESSENCE® Prista P 155 pea protein concentrate VITESSENCE® Prista P 360 faba bean protein concentrate

VITESSENCE® Prista P 155 ultra-performance pea protein concentrate attributes contain: 

  • Contains 55% protein on a dry basis*
  • Clean flavor allows for higher use level and application versatility
  • Protein enhancement in instant beverages
  • Egg replacement in pasta
  • Wheat flour replacement in batters and breadings
  • Protein enhancement in crackers and baked goods

VITESSENCE® Prista P 360 ultra-performance faba bean protein concentrate attributes contain: 

  • Contains 60% protein on a dry basis*
  • Clean flavor allows for higher use level and application versatility
  • Protein enhancement in pasta, breads, cookies, and baked goods
  • Emulsification support in dips, dressings, and sauces
  • Protein enhancement in instant beverages and confections
  • Protein enhancement in alt. dairy cheese, milk, yoghurt, and frozen dessert

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Technical Q&A

We have answered your most frequent questions


Are VITESSENCE® Prista pulse protein concentrates completely bland in taste?

All proteins come with a natural flavour, plant as well as animal proteins. Pulse proteins have typical beany, bitter, plant taste. Our proprietary process enables to lower overall flavor, bitter and raw plant taste, making it more appealing in its overall eating experience. We also have solutions available to further improve your finished product. Reach out to Ingredion to learn more about the solutions and formulations.

When should I consider pulse protein concentrates versus pulse protein isolates?

Pulse protein concentrates enable most consumer preferred ‘natural’ claims. They are dry milled, therefore more sustainable compared to isolates and lower cost in use. From functional perspective, pulse protein concentrates bring additional viscosity and gelling due to their higher starch content compared to isolates. They have higher protein solubility and bring creamy texture to the products. This additional texture is a great addition to low to medium protein levels in most applications. Its low cold water binding properties makes the concentrates also ideal for protein enrichment in baked goods like high protein bread.

How can VITESSENCE® Prista have ‘natural’ status?

VITESSENCE® Prista pulse protein concentrates meet the criteria for a ‘natural ingredient’ according to:

1. UK Food Standards Agency Guidance for the definition of “Natural”

2. French DGCCRF guidance on the use of the term “Natural“

3. ISO Technical Specification on definitions and technical criteria for food ingredients to be considered as natural

Each specific addition of VITESSENCE® Prista pulse protein concentrates/flours should be considered on a case-by-case basis. It is the overall strength of all the ingredients’ “natural” status within a food product that should be considered before making the final claim on an end product.

It is therefore advised that you satisfy yourself of the labelling obligations, in accordance with relevant legislation, for your products as sold to the ultimate consumer.

I tried pulse protein concentrates for clean label emulsification, but it did not work in cold process. How does VITESSENCE® Prista P 360 perform in cold dressings?

VITESSENCE® Prista P 360 faba bean concentrate has the best emulsifying property and can be used in cold processed mayonnaise, dressings and even in ice-cream. The process pulse proteins are being used, order of ingredients addition and the other ingredients are critical to make best out of the pulse proteins being used. Reach out to Ingredion to learn more about the recipes, formulation and process guidance.

Which one of the two VITESSENCE® Prista proteins is the better one for me?

Our VITESSENCE® Prista P155 is based on yellow pea and provides the best cost-in-use approach for protein enrichment in various applications like dairy alternative, bakery, snacks, and pasta. Its ultra-performance with improved flavour and colour make it a great choice over other pea concentrates and it is a great ingredient to boost the Nutriscore of your product.

Our VITESSENCE® Prista P360 is based on faba bean and provides a higher protein content plus excellent emulsification properties, making it an ideal solution for dairy alternatives, better-for-you and gluten-free baked goods, confectionary, snacks, beverages, and batters & breadings. Its pristine functionality can enable vegan emulsification in categories such as sauces & dressing, vegan baked goods, and frozen desserts.

Are the VITESSENCE® Prista proteins nutritionally comparable to animal protein? What is their protein quality?

Our VITESSENCE® range is a great source of protein and all products contain all 9 essential amino acids. Like most plant-proteins, they are not considered complete proteins, as they do not provide all essential amino acids in the required amount, and should be part of a diverse, healthy diet. If you want to understand more about the amino acid composition and protein quality of our products, reach out to Ingredion and we will connect you to our experts.

My plant-based yoghurt with VITESSENCE® Prista P360 is too gritty and shows sign of syneresis. Why is that?

Pulse proteins are pH sensitive and have a dense structure at their iso-electric point (in the range of pH 4-5) and can cause gritty or chalky textures. This is a challenge in formulating various food products and the right handling, formulating, and processing can make all the difference in the final product.

We have solutions and starting recipes for our VITESSENCE® Prista products to help you navigate through the right hydration, processing, and fermentation steps to achieve the best possible results. We can also further support texture differentiation, shelf-life stability and flavour improvements with our broad portfolio of ingredients if needed. Reach out to Ingredion to learn more about the recipes, formulation and process guidance.

I already tried protein concentrates and did not like their intense flavour and colour in the finished product. How are yours different?

Our VITESSENCE® Prista range is produced via our proprietary physical treatment based on state-of-the-art technology to maintain the pristine protein functionality while improving overall flavour and colour of the product. It outperforms regular concentrates processed with solely air classification and can be used in more flavour sensitive applications also at higher dosages without impairing the overall eating experience.

Can I use your VITESSENCE® Prista proteins in vegan formulations?

Our VITESSENCE® Prista products are made from pulse proteins and are not of animal origin. They do not come into contact with materials of animal origin during manufacture, meaning to the best of our knowledge these products are suitable for use in Vegetarian and Vegan products.

Can I use the VITESSENCE® Prista proteins in organic formulation?

If you are interested in organic plant-based products, please reach out to Ingredion to learn more about the ingredient solutions, formulation and process guidance.

*on a dry basis

The information described above is offered solely for your consideration, investigation and independent verification. It is up to you to decide whether and how to use this information. Ingredion Incorporated and the Ingredion group of companies make no warranty about the accuracy or completeness of the information contained above or the suitability of any of their products for your specific intended use. Furthermore, all express or implied warranties of noninfringement, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are hereby disclaimed. Ingredion Incorporated and the Ingredion group of companies assume no responsibility for any liability or damages arising out of or relating to the foregoing.