Do you see growth opportunities in clean label?

Discover why clean label is key to business success.

Clean label ingredients make your consumer’s choice clear

Today’s consumers are increasingly savvy. A clean label helps deliver the product they want. Unlocking this path to brand preference begins with understanding consumers’ psychology of clean label and how to capitalise on that knowledge. Ingredion makes it simple with our unrivalled deep data and market expertise. 

6.75% CAGR

The global clean label market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.75% (2021-2026).1

“Natural” in demand

Consumer demand for “natural” and less processed food is rising.2

Sustainable success

Products that carry sustainability claims help you stay ahead.

We understand consumer mindsets and the latest industry trends, so we can help you take advantage of opportunities in clean label food ingredients like no one else.             Utilising our in-depth knowledge of this enduring trend, we’ve created resources to help you harness the value of clean label.

The clean label growth report

Building trust with consumers builds brand loyalty and clean label holds the key. Download our report and explore the stages of clean label transformation and development to discover how to:

-Develop a consumer-friendly clean label offering that meets commercial goals

-Build trust with consumers and create long-term brand value

-Accelerate your organisation’s journey toward clean label success

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The clean label growth assessment

Take Ingredion’s assessment to identify where your organisation is on its clean label journey, and receive customised advice for advancing your business to the next stage of clean label growth

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The clean label business opportunity simulator

Capitalise on opportunities in clean label food ingredients, and meet both consumer needs and commercial goals. Our tools will help you to:

-Discover your clean label landscape

-Understand the business value of switching to clean label

-Uncover how clean label creates differentiation

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1 Mordor Intelligence, Clean Label Ingredient Market – Growth, Trends, Covid-19 Impact and Forecast (2021-2026), 2021

2 ATLAS, Ingredion Proprietary Consumer Research, 2020