PURECIRCLE Clean Taste Solutions

Unmatched sugar reduction without additives

Discerning consumers are actively looking to eliminate added sugars and artificial sweeteners from their diets.1 However, taste is still paramount. Even health-conscious consumers crave products that provide indulgent and rewarding eating experiences.

46% of consumers say sugar is the #1 ingredient they are reducing in their diet*

*Statista 2023 "Ingredients Consumers Are Trying to Reduce in Their Diets”

PureCircle™ by Ingredion is the undisputed innovation leader in plant-based sugar reduction. We recognise reducing sugar and artificial sweeteners in products is not a one-size-fits-all approach for food and beverage brands. After mapping the stevia genome, PureCircle has identified the most powerful combinations of stevia molecules (steviol glycosides) to help meet the needs of product developers.

PURECIRCLE™ Clean Taste Solutions (CTS) uses the latest stevia technology to deliver unparalleled sweet taste


Clean taste solutions help brands improve their product appeal by removing artificial sweeteners and added sugars and tailoring unique stevia solutions to fit the unique product category and sugar reduction target.

Breakthrough Stevia Solubility

Clean Taste Solubility Solution unlocks new possibilities with 100% solubility and unbeaten taste


PURECIRCLE™ Clean Taste Solubility Solution (CTSS) helps food and beverage manufacturers remove sugar, artificial sweeteners and additives in applications where stevia solubility had previously been a challenge. This versatile and proprietary ingredient works well in array of applications, but will be particularly impactful to product formulators of beverage, fruit preps, syrups and bars.

Beyond Reb M

Stevia leaf sweeteners have a wide range of synergies depending on the type of product the ingredients are being used in. Reb M, which is widely recognised as the best-tasting steviol glycoside, is not always the best solution across food and beverage categories.

Manufacturers now have access to a drop-in sweetener with no added time to production

CTSS is:

• 100% more soluble than Reb M

• 100% non-GMO verified stevia leaf extract

• Unmatched in taste performance with less sweet linger than Reb M, sucralose, ace K and aspartame

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Stevia designed for your product’s needs

As the stevia industry pioneer, PureCircle has spent years investing in research and innovation to take the complexity out of stevia for food and beverage brands. No matter the product, sugar reduction goal or sweetness profile, there is a Clean Taste Solution to simplify the ingredient label and improve overall consumer enjoyment.

Clean Taste Beverage

Provides solutions for all types of beverages, including complimenting flavours in tea to delivering great-tasting sweetness in meal replacement drinks.

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Clean Taste Dairy

Delivers sweet and creamy balance in flavoured milks, ice-cream and a wide variety of dairy systems.

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Clean Taste Confectionery

Along with functional build-back expertise, these solutions provide rounded sweet taste and clean label alternatives across classic and emerging treats.

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Clean Taste Savory

From BBQ sauces to salad dressings, these solutions complement the salty, savory, smoky, spicy flavors with balanced sweetness.

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Clean Taste Bakery

These maintain ideal sweetness, and complement a more complete sugar replacement solution for indulgent products. 

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Let’s reimagine sweetness together

PureCircle™ by Ingredion offers a comprehensive portfolio of stevia solutions to address your sugar reduction challenges.

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1 Statista 2023 "Ingredients Consumers Are Trying to Reduce in Their Diets”