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Formulating consumer-preferred products while managing costs is a challenge

How product priorities are balanced today can have a long-term impact on your competitive positioning and brand equity in the future.

Consumers are being impacted by inflation, but they are not losing sight of their priorities and will continue to drive demand for healthier and more sustainable products. At the same time, food and beverage manufacturers are facing persistent supply challenges, regulatory requirements and record-level inflation.

Discover how partnering with a team of Ingredion cross-functional experts can deliver consumer-preferred products.

Food and beverage manufacturers are facing persistent supply challenges, regulatory requirements, pressure from retailers and record-level inflation.

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Retailers are putting pressure on brands to take the lead

Savvy retailers are managing category dynamics pushing leading brands to advance category development and justify increased prices with added consumer benefits.

Nimble retailers have accelerated value-enhancing innovation in their own private label products, striking a balance between price and consumer-preferred benefits across their traditional economy focused lines and the burgeoning premium private label segment.

Source: Innova, Trends in Private Label, 2021

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If you want to achieve consumer-winning products, formulating with Ingredion is the route for you.

In this video, we demonstrate how we understand the challenges manufacturers face whilst focusing on what consumers want and keeping costs down.

Watch now to find out more.

Fat-reduced yoghurt

Developing the highest quality products for consumers and managing rising costs has proven challenging.

When it comes to product quality and indulgence, consumers have ever-changing demands and desires. At Ingredion, we work with our customers to add value to your products and create consumer-winning formulations. 

Watch here to find out how we manage this balance in our fat-reduced yoghurt. 

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At Ingredion, our experts aim to provide value-added solutions to many manufacturing challenges. 

With a focus on consumer demands, how to reach them and ensure value is constantly added where it matters most, we can support you on your innovation journey to success.

Watch this video to find out more about how this is achieved with our processed cheese spread. 

Fat reduced mayonnaise

Consumers today want high quality foods that are healthy and tasty, made with sustainable ingredients and a long shelf life, without a big price tag.

As specialists in formulation, our team are here to help you add value to your products and value chain without compromising on taste and texture.

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Pursuing a value-added reformulation strategy gives brands the opportunity to:

  • Optimise costs
  • Maintain consumer-preferred taste and texture
  • Add clean label ingredients
  • Advance nutrition, health and wellness claims
  • Formulate sustainably
  • Accelerate speed to market

Navigating Inflation

Rising raw material costs, record levels of inflation, falling profitability all combine to create a seemingly impossible juggling act for food and beverage manufacturers.   

Ingredion appreciates your affordability challenges and offer solutions to deliver cost-efficient products that meet consumers demands for superior eating experience, whilst delivering in taste, texture, and nutrition.

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Navigating inflation in table sauces

This webinar focuses on looking at different opportunities for cost reduction within table sauces throughout the savoury industry, 

These cost-reduction opportunities have been introduced whilst still considering the quality/taste of the finished product. 

Watch this video to find out more information. 

Product cost ratios

In the context of such an ever-fluctuating market, our experts have worked on value added reformulations that will not only help you to reduce costs but also deliver on  achieving your consumers’ preferred front-pack-claims.

Egg replacement in mayo sauces 1:4.5

Egg replacement in mayo sauces 1:4.5

1t of emulsifying starch (like N-CREAMER 2230 or N-CREAMER 2111) : 4.5t of fresh egg yolk

Oil reduction replacement in mayo sauces 1:10

Oil reduction replacement in mayo sauces 1:10

1t of instant thickening starch (like Ultra-Tex 2131 or SR) : 10t of oil

Optionally (for quality improvement we can also add on top 0.2t of fat mimic starch like Novation Indulge 3920.

Tomato solids reduction on tomato sauces 1:2.5

Tomato solids reduction on tomato sauces 1:2.5

1t of thickening starch (like PURITY HPC or THICKFLO) : 2.5t of tomato solids

Optionally (for pulpiness improvement we can also add on top 0.2t of pulpiness creating starch like Textaid A or Instant Textaid A).

Milk fat impact on fermented dairy products 1:2

Milk fat impact on fermented dairy products 1:2

1t of fat mimic starch (like N-DULGE 225) : 2t of milk fat

Optionally (for viscosity correction we can also add on top 0.2t of thickening starch like THERMFLO.

Ingredion has the technical expertise, broad portfolio, global reach and local perspective to guide you in creating a value-added reformulation strategy that manages costs and drives consumer preference.

Ingredion can accelerate your value-added reformulation strategy

As experts in taste and texture, protein fortification, and sugar and sodium reduction, Ingredion can help make your brands healthier and more sustainable while delivering the same eating experience your consumers love. With Ingredion, your brand can Be What’s Next™.

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