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Clean label ingredients

Clean label is an influential movement, but how can manufacturers leverage its benefits and translate it into commercial success?

Simplify labels and satisfy consumers with clean label ingredients

Build your brands with food and beverages consumers feel good about

Formulating to be what’s next with clean label ingredients can bring many questions — especially when you have complex product positioning, functionality and performance needs to consider.

"How do I get a clean label while keeping consumer-preferred taste and texture?"
"What are clean label ingredients that can bring more value to my products?"
"Which on-pack claims should I target with my clean label ingredient selection?"

For informed answers and end-to-end solutions, talk to the clean label pioneers at Ingredion.

We've led the way in clean label product innovation and technology for more than two decades —  introducing the first clean label product in the 1990s, and later publishing the industry's enduring "gold standard" clean label definition in 2011. As the clean label movement has evolved, we've been there with an ever-growing range of clean label ingredients, in-depth consumer and market insights and full formulation and development support — all to help your brand create authentic foods and beverages with the ingredients consumers accept, expect and prefer.

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Take on your toughest clean label challenges

Whatever your application and product challenge, we can provide you with everything you need — from consumer insights, CULINOLOGY® and sensory resources to R&D support and manufacturing scale-up — with seamless communication and collaboration. We'll apply our applications and formulation knowhow to help you:

  • Get more functionality out of fewer ingredients
  • Replace additives and allergens while keeping all the delicious goodness
  • Answer rising demand for “free-from” products without compromising on taste, texture and functionality
  • Maximize the return on your investment to affordably leverage the clean label trend

Get insights to deliver on consumer expectations

Prioritising your clean label product development and reformulation requires deep understanding of market forces, next-level ingredient options and consumer expectations and preferences.

That's why we continually work to deliver proprietary insights and data needed to help you drive clean label success. 

  • Explore our global ATLAS consumer research, which reveals the latest trends on ingredient acceptability and awareness for food and beverage brands
  • Rely on our teams of technical and market experts who can help identify next-generation clean label ingredients to accelerate your growth and meet performance needs
  • Run our clean label business opportunity simulator to learn how clean and simple ingredients can create value

Which factors drive bigger clean label gains?

See what our latest global manufacturer study reveals about the clean label efforts that outperform the norm in key business metrics — and pick up some new ideas that can position your business for success. Read the summary.

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Powering profit with clean label

Ingredion's latest clean label research uncovered that that food and beverage manufacturers around the world reported increased profit and margins from clean label initiatives. 

Download the Powering Profits report to see how your competition is using clean label to improve their brand loyalty and financial performance. 


Clean label business opportunity simulator

Learn how clean and simple ingredients create value.

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What is clean label?

Ingredion's authoritative clean label definition has been widely accepted as the industry standard by both suppliers and manufacturers. It has evolved to describe clean label products as:

  • Only made with ingredients that are recognised and accepted by consumers
  • Free of ingredients that are artificial-sounding or misleading
  • Containing no genetically modified ingredients (non-GM); and
  • Having an ingredient listing that is consistent with the consumer’s understanding of on-pack claims.

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Adding simplicity to the mix

To reflect continued changes in consumer views, the evolved clean label definition has been joined by a "simple label" definition — defined as having all the characteristics of clean label, plus:

  • Only made with ingredients that are highly accepted and expected by consumers in the specific food or beverage
  • Uses minimal number of ingredients to conform to culinary standards or traditional or authentic recipes
  • May include trade-offs to achieve simplicity (e.g., visual appeal, texture, shelf life) 
Clean label pudding cup with berries and syrup

Evolving meanings and expanding options

As the clean label movement has become mainstream, its meaning has expanded into consumer desires for sustainability, plant-based foods, low sugar, low-calorie options and ingredients known to promote good health.

In turn, we've grown our broader capabilities to help you deliver on these demands — including extending our core clean label texturiser lineups with exciting new options including:

  • Functional organic starches and flours made of corn, tapioca, rice and potato
  • Fruit- and vegetable-based solutions from Kerr by Ingredion®
  • An ever-expanding toolbox of pulse-based ingredients

The Business of Clean Label from Ingredion

We all know that clean label is good for consumers, but did you know it’s good for your business too? This video explores the advantages of a clean label approach. Incorporating clean label can support your commercial drivers and deliver healthy business returns.

The Business of Clean Label video preview
Clean label ingredients
Clean label noodles with tomatoes, arugula and cheese

Explore the world of clean and simple ingredients

Visit our clean and simple information hub for more details and insights to leverage your clean label opportunities.

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Explore alternatives to titanium dioxide

With the EU Commission considering a Europe-wide ban on the use of TiO2 in food, food imports going into Europe that contain the ingredient will be affected. Added to this challenge, 77% of consumers globally are looking to ingredient lists when they decide on the food and drinks they purchase, and only 8% of consumers ranked TiO2 as an acceptable ingredient.1 Start planning ahead with alternatives to TiO2. Get in touch to explore how Ingredion’s solutions can lighten your formulation challenges and improve consumer acceptance, all while maintaining desirable colour and texture.


1ATLAS, Ingredion Proprietary Global Consumer Research, 2020

Access a broad portfolio of clean label solutions

Ready to drive a new way forward with ingredients that deliver just-right taste, texture and performance in clean label foods? Our comprehensive range of ingredient solutions provides many options to replace what consumers perceive as undesirable and develop new products with shorter lists of consumer-preferred ingredients. Here's just a taste:

Native starches

Native starches

Straightforward starches to help you cook up satisfying textures and bright flavors, add body and thickness, and deliver basic performance qualities you need.

Learn more

Functional native starches

Functional native starches

Achieve the process tolerance, textural qualities and stability benefits you expect with the advantage of a clean and simple ingredient listing.

Learn more



Improve stability and protect active components against environmental factors — such as temperature and oxygen — to deliver products that keep performing at their best.

Learn more

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