Clean label ingredients

Simplify labels and satisfy consumers with clean label ingredients

Consumers are choosing clean label products all over the world 

A clean label can help to ensure your product repeatedly gets chosen. Yet, when you have complex functionality and performance needs to consider, clean labels can present a challenge. Ingredion’s global reach and local knowledge can help you create authentic foods and beverages formulated with next-level ingredients consumers accept, expect and prefer.

We’re standing by to help you create rich and creamy yoghurts that can withstand harsh processing conditions and canned or frozen stews with rich flavors and home-style textures that last longer on the shelf. In personal and home care, we can help you create hair conditioners with rich emollients and dishwashing detergents that don’t leave streaks or bubbles. With our naturally-derived ingredients, you can formulate consumer-preferred products with label appeal — without compromising performance. 

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Clean label expectations

We push past the expected to understand what consumers want from their foods and beverages. Our proprietary ATLAS clean label research surveys thousands of consumers to learn the latest on ingredient acceptability and awareness. Plus you can rely on our teams of technical and market experts to help you identify next-generation clean label ingredients to accelerate your growth.

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Learn how clean and simple ingredients create value.

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Collaborate with our experts for answers to your toughest product challenges 

Get the insights and expertise of our two-plus decades of pioneering the clean label movement. Our deep clean label applications and formulation experience define what consumers expect from clean label products and can help you: 

  • Get more functionality out of fewer ingredients
  • Replace additives and allergens while keeping all the delicious goodness
  • Answer rising demand for “free-from” products without compromising on taste, texture and functionality
  • Discover how your business can realise a return on your investment and affordably leverage the clean label trend 

Whatever your application and product challenge is, our teams of technical and market experts can provide you with everything you need — from sensory and CULINOLOGY® to applications R&D, scale-up and regulatory — with seamless communication and collaboration. 

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What is clean label?

Our experts at Ingredion have developed a definition to outline what consumers expect from clean label products. Our definition of clean label food products is those that are:

  • Made only with ingredients recognised and accepted by consumers
  • Free from ingredients which sound artificial or misleading
  • Consistent with consumer’s understanding of on-pack claims
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The Business of Clean Label from Ingredion

We all know that clean label is good for consumers, but did you know it’s good for your business too? This video explores the advantages of a clean label approach. Incorporating clean label can support your commercial drivers and deliver healthy business returns.

Access a broad portfolio of clean label solutions

Stay ahead of trends with clean and simple ingredients that deliver all the taste, texture and performance you need to drive a new way forward. Our comprehensive line of clean label ingredients features many options to help you replace ingredients perceived as undesirable in existing products and develop new products with shorter lists of consumer-preferred ingredients.

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Functional clean label starches

Discover our range of NOVATION® functional starches and learn how you can deliver clean label appeal and the functionality you need.

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Organic functional native starches

Create delicious food with an organic label that consumers recognise and trust, with organic functional native starch solutions.

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Rice, tapioca and pulse flours

Learn how our multi-functional clean label flours can help you create products that are fibre- and protein-rich, non-GMO and gluten-free.

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Plant-based proteins

Accelerate your growth and stay ahead of what’s next. Meet the demand for protein-enriched, delicious foods while tapping into the trend for cleaner labels with VITESSENCE® Pulse proteins.

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