Recipe spotlight: cost-effective, succulent chicken strips

Clean label is an enduring trend that manufacturers need to tap into to keep up with consumer demand. But, for meat manufacturers especially, it can be difficult to find ingredients with both a functional and clean label appeal. In the current climate market circumstances, affordability is also a key consideration more than ever before.

When it comes to selecting ingredients, how can manufacturers find a delicious balance between cost considerations, functionality and a consumer-preferred clean label?

Market trends for meat

Despite the recent boom in plant-based products, 87% of consumers still believe that meat products are a better source of protein, which is enabling the meat category to maintain stable growth.1

For poultry alone, new product development is high in the Middle East and Africa, accounting for 51% of new products launched between 2016 and 2018 and in Europe, this segment shows strong potential for growth with the category currently equating to 23%.2

Fried chicken has become a hugely popular trend in the foodservice sector, leading to a boost in sales of frozen coated poultry products in supermarkets. Amid COVID-19, frozen foods have also seen a spike in demand with a 60-90% growth in France, New Zealand, UK and the US.3 Consumers are not only purchasing long-life products but they’re replicating their favourite fast-food meals at home.

Falling prices together with consumers’ perception that poultry is healthier than red meat, provides a positive environment for formulating in this category and a great opportunity for manufacturers to continue to satisfy consumer demand and increase profit margins.

The rise of clean label meat

Recent Mintel research states that when consumers purchase poultry products, the top two factors they check include meat content and ingredients. This, alongside the fact that 28% of consumers are concerned about the origins of their meat products, indicates the need for transparency in this category.

That’s why manufacturers need to rise to the challenge of formulating clean label meat products.

8% of consumers are concerned about the origins of their meat products, indicates the need for transparency in this category.

Make savings in your recipes

Featuring NOVATION Uno® 190 starch, the excellent water-binding properties enable cost savings while delivering improved eating quality and meaty texture. This functional native potato starch is also suitable for applications including pork hams and brined meat for ready meals, enabling you to formulate succulent, juicy meat for a range of applications.

Fried strips of chicken with a garnish and tomato sauce

Cost saving succulent chicken strips

Our Ingredion experts have devised an example of a clean label, cost-saving solution for succulent chicken strips. With this recipe you can meet consumer demand for clean label without compromising on texture. Discover how you can make smart savings in your meat applications with Ingredion.

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