NOVATION® Lumina 600 functional native starch

Product Type: Texturiser solutions: Functional native starches

NOVATION® Lumina 600 functional native starch is designed to withstand low-to-moderate processing conditions while supporting the clean label your consumers increasingly seek and expect.

For ready-to-eat meals, chilled, frozen and ambient gravies, soups and sauces, the neutral profile of NOVATION® Lumina 600 allows the richness and diversity of flavourings to be delivered cleanly to the consumer. Its excellent freeze/thaw stability ensures this quality is maintained throughout extended shelf life.

In pasteurised bottled sauces where a smooth texture, clean flavour profile and long shelf life are necessities, NOVATION® Lumina 600 can deliver these requirements with a consumer-pleasing clean label.

Chilled or frozen fruit preparations and bakery fillings can benefit from a rich, natural colour and intense fresh flavour delivery, while in cream-based bakery fillings NOVATION® Lumina 600 maintains colour, taste and stability.

Offering the shelf life and freeze-thaw stability process tolerance of a modified starch, NOVATION® Lumina 600 can withstand the moderate processing conditions of kettle cooking with scraped-surface paddles and plate heat exchangers.

Cream filled pastry with strawberries and fork
Cream filled pastry with strawberries and fork

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NOVATION Lumina 600-34121A04

Product Type: Modified Food Starch

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