Formulate baby food that parents trust

Baby food with the functionality you need and a simple label

Introducing a rice flour with the performance and shelf-life stability of a chemically modified starch

Deliver the functionality you need in prepared baby food, with a simple “rice flour” label.

HOMECRAFT® Create 835 and HOMECRAFT® Create 865 multifunctional rice flours are our most functional and consumer-preferred solutions for non-organic prepared baby food. Rice is the base that parents trust most - rice flour is in consumers’ top three most preferred ingredients in prepared baby food across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.[1]

The functionality of modified starch, with a simple flour label

HOMECRAFT® Create rice flours can support you to deliver the top front-of-pack claims that would make consumers switch brands, such as natural, free from artificial ingredients, and no E-numbers. These appealing claims also mean that parents and will pay 20-30% more for their existing brand.[1]

HOMECRAFT® Create 835 and 865 rice flours provide the viscosity, process tolerance and stability of a modified starch, while being labelled as a flour. 

Keep chlorates low

EU regulation on food intended for infants and young children sets a maximum residue levels of chlorate of 10 ppb. This means that you need to source low chlorate food ingredients to help support compliance and drive your innovation in the baby food market. HOMECRAFT® Create 835 multifunctional rice flour can help support compliance with EU regulations on baby and infant food. It provides the functionality of a modified starch, with a consumer-preferred “rice flour” label and low chlorate levels.

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Key benefits

  • Consumer-preferred “rice flour” label
  • Low chlorates
  • Reliable viscosity development
  • 7% rice protein content can support reduction of other proteins
  • Non-GM and gluten-free
  • Bland taste increases acceptability by babies, toddlers and young children
  • Extend texture stability over shelf-life in high demanding applications
A bowl of green baby food with peapods

Key applications

  • Retorted baby food (sweet and savoury) in pouches and jars
  • Toddler ready meals
  • Toddler baked goods (texture differentiation)
  • Kids (3-12y) products (fermented dairy, fresh cheese and cheese, savoury meals)

[1] Ingredion ATLAS proprietary consumer research, 2020

* Customers are advised to satisfy themselves regarding the use, labelling and suitability of Ingredion’s products in their final products. In particular, food additives (for example, sweeteners) should be used in accordance with the relevant local regulations.

This information is intended to support the efforts of our customers to develop and implement an appropriate labelling strategy for products containing Ingredion’s products. In all respects, the ultimate decisions on how to identify claims on food packages and label ingredients on food packages remain with our customers. Ingredion Incorporated and the Ingredion group of companies make no warranty about the accuracy or completeness of the information contained above or the suitability of any of our products for your specific intended use. We urge you to carefully review the relevant regulations and to seek appropriate legal counsel as you determine the labelling requirements applicable to your products.