NOVATION® organic starches

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Formulate organic products with the eating experience consumers love

Consumers are looking for delicious food and drink products that are natural and wholesome. An organic label gives them the reassurance they need that their chosen products are traceable and trustworthy. 

Our range of organic certified functional native starches allow you to create delicious, consumer-winning organic foods with optimal sensory appeal. These NOVATION® organic starches have a simple label declaration of ‘organic starch’, giving a cleaner label that consumers recognise and understand.

Whatever your application and formulation challenges, Ingredion's team of experts can help you choose the right organic starch solution.

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EU organic regulations are changing

If you use non-organic starches in your organic products, you need to know about the upcoming changes to EU regulations. Don't lose your consumer-winning organic labels - download the guide today.

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Go organic with Ingredion

The demand for organic food and drink is growing. Did you know that changes to organic regulations will affect what goes in to your products? Watch our video to learn how these changes will affect your formulations and what you need to do to adapt.

NOVATION® organic starches

How we can help 

The new organic regulation which will come into force on 1st January 2024 will reduce the number of non-organic agricultural ingredients. So, if you use non organic waxy-maize or rice based starches in organic products, you need to reformulate your recipes before this deadline.

Our NOVATION® range includes 100% certified organic functional native starches, so you can differentiate your products from your competitors and tap into consumers’ growing desires for ‘real’ and natural ingredients. These ingredients can be labelled on pack as ‘organic starch’, giving that cleaner label that consumers know and understand.

Discover our range of high and moderate proces tolerance starches to meet your needs.