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Tapioca flours

An innovative flour with a clean and simple label

Discover HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional tapioca flours 

Consumers are searching for tasty, quality products with clean and simple labels. Secure a place in their carts by featuring an innovative flour that consumers see as even more “natural” than starches—tapioca.1

HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional tapioca flour offers the same functionality as modified starch. It also comes with a clean and simple “tapioca flour” label, which research shows that consumers prefer and trust over other ingredients.

Tapioca flour will deliver the performance you need while giving consumers the creamy mouthfeel and vibrant flavours they crave and expect. This clean-taste flour can also support gluten-free claims, giving consumers more reasons to reach for your soups, yoghurts, dairy desserts and other products.

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Explore the potential

HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional tapioca flour brings you:

  • The viscosity and strength of modified starches 
  • Smooth texture with no gelling or syneresis
  • Enhanced texture stability over shelf life
  • Improved freeze/thaw performance
  • Added clean flavour release

Breaking through to clean label flours

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Tapioca flours

Improve the experience from label to table

Consumers are checking labels more than ever before and want to see ingredients that are expected and accepted. Research shows that tapioca flour is perceived as being even more “natural” than starches in many applications.1 Choosing HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional tapioca flour, can help your products feature clean labels and support a gluten-free claim, becoming even more attractive to consumers seeking better-for-you options. When it comes to the eating experience, consumers will love your products’ vibrant flavours and enhanced, creamy mouthfeel.

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Deliver improved texture and reduced fat

Imagine your sauce or custard with an even smoother, glossier surface. Imagine your yoghurt with a more indulgent and longer-lasting mouthfeel. Because of the inherent textural properties of our new tapioca flour, you can reduce fat while offering an improved nutritional profile, as well as maintaining the creamy texture of your products.  

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1 Ingredion proprietary global research, Vision Critical, Clean & Clear Labeling Research, February 2016