Potato starches

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Using potato starches as an ingredient solution could offer your food and drink products the edge they need to stand out on the shelves. With consumer trends to answer and the task of maintaining product quality and sensory appeal, it can be a challenge to formulate food and drinks consumers love and demand, right here, right now.

Potato starches are a highly versatile ingredient for your food and beverage products, with a neutral taste, high clarity, strong gelling quality and high water-retention capacity, they also offer great potential for enhancing appearance, mouthfeel and texture.

Whatever your application, potato starches present an ideal solution for updating your product portfolio and staying on top of the trends that matter.

Control melt and stretch while making cost savings in analogue cheese, improve the crunch of your French fries, save recipe costs in processed meats while enhancing succulence or create a standout snacks texture with the versatility of potato starches at your disposal. Find out how.

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Pick potato for a wide range of functionality

Differentiate your products with great taste, texture and nutrition. Choose potato starches for:

  • Replacing egg to save money and retain or enhance quality in bakery (moistness, crumb) and savory (viscosity, appearance)
  • Reducing fat and calories in bakery
  • Replacing phosphates, retaining juiciness and firm textures in meats, and replacing fats in ground meats
  • Replacing gelatin to enhance cost savings, improve appearance, and achieve kosher and halal certification in confectionery
  • Enhancing snack texture for excellent expansion and crispiness
  • Creating noodles with elastic texture and quick hydration