Replace sugar and reduce calories with polyol sweeteners  

Sugar-free can be even better than sugar-sweetened with the right ingredients. Go beyond what’s expected with polyol sweetener solutions from Ingredion. Deliver a sugar-free nutrition bar, a refreshing mint or even a light, frozen dessert that’s designed for diabetics.  

Polyols, also known as polyhydric alcohols or sugar alcohols, are carbohydrate systems with about half the calories of sugar and the same bulk. In formulations, polyols impart a balanced sweetness and can help you achieve consumer-preferred label claims, such as “sugar-free,” “reduced-sugar” or “reduced-calorie.”

When you work with Ingredion, you’re gaining a full-service partner with tested experience and formulation expertise. As consumers demand more low- and no-sugar products, our teams of technical and market experts can help you to achieve the right balance of sweetness, texture and functionality in your formulations. That goes for everything from yoghurt drinks to confections, using polyols as sugar replacements or blended solutions. 

Find out how our broad portfolio of in-demand ingredients can give you a sweet edge in the market and make your sugar reduction goals a reality. 

Discover ERYSTA® Erythritol

Reduce sugar and calories in your food and beverage applications while maintaining a delicious, sweet eating experience and consumer-preferred texture. Erythritol is a polyol made from fermentation, with around 70% the sweeteness of sucrose and with zero calorie content in Europe according to EU Regulation.

In formulations, the non-GMO erythritol sweeteners provide a clean, sweet taste and functional bulking and freeze-point depression similar to sucrose, but with no grams of sugar. 

Two ice cream cones with white ice cream, one with pink sauce and one with brown

Reduce sugar in a range of applications

ERYSTA® Erythritol can be used to reduce and replace sugar in recipes across a range of applications:

  • Table top sweeteners
  • Ice cream
  • Frozen desserts
  • Fruit preparations
  • Chocolate compounds
  • Cookies and biscuits