Check out what's hot on the BBQ this summer!

June 23, 2022 | Savoury

Summer is finally here, which means it’s time for sun, sea, sand, and good food! We’ve got sizzling solutions perfect for BBQ season. Plus, we’re hosting an event at Food Matters Live this year where you can learn what’s next in meat-alternative solutions. With over 3000 new products launched in Europe in the last 18 months alone, you do not want to miss out on ways you can get in on this trend.

Sun’s out buns out- meat alternative sausages

No BBQ is complete without hot dogs, and for a good hot dog, you need a good sausage. Today’s consumers still want to enjoy everyday foods, but they are more conscious of their meat intake, driven by flexitarian consumers. Now more than ever European shoppers want to buy plant-based alternatives. However, consumers expect plant-based meat to taste good and have a meat-like feel.

With this in mind, our innovative food experts have formulated VITESSENCE® TEX textured pulse proteins; they can build the right texture, nutritional profile and front-of-pack claims in meat alternatives. These textured proteins allow you to formulate non-soy-based and gluten-free meat alternatives with a consumer-preferred texture. The mince-like shape of VITESSENCE® TEX makes it perfect for applications like burgers, meatballs, Bolognese sauces and a variety of sausages. Whether you want to create a classic English breakfast sausage, fiery chorizo or a hotdog to throw on the BBQ  VITESSENCE® TEX is widely versatile to make plenty of consumer-preferred meat alternatives.

Feeling saucy? - Reduced-fat mayonnaise

A hotdog is only as good as the sauce it’s topped off with. Health-conscious consumers are continuously growing in numbers with more consumers wanting to eat foods that are lower in components like salt, sugar and fat. But consumers still expect the healthier options to be indulgent and taste as good as their less healthy counterparts.

Using VITESSENCE® Pulse proteins, you can create consumer-preferred clean label claims for dressings and sauces without the plant flavour, bitter taste or uncontrolled microbial levels inherent in dry-milled pulse products. For example, you can formulate a plant-based, clean-label, 40% reduced-fat mayonnaise that’s just as creamy and indulgent as a standard mayonnaise and a desired visual appeal. Plus, this mayo has excellent emulsification properties to create stable emulsions throughout its shelf life. Our technical team have carried out an extensive range of trials, so they have the knowledge to assist you in making a range of plant-based sauces and dressings that consumers will love this summer.

Live & direct- Food Matters Live Webinar

If these plant-based formulations sound appetising to you, you can get more information directly from our experts at Food Matters live on June 29th 2022, 10:00- 11:00 BST. If you’ve been questioning how your products take up shelf space and meet consumer expectations, then this is the right event for you. This webinar is complimentary and will be done in conjunction with Ingredion, KaTech and Innova Market Insights. The focus will be on the next generation of meat alternatives - finding the right formulation for winning sensory appeal and how to stand out in such an over-populated market.

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So if you like the sound of these super hot formulations this summer don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team today!


Montana White

Content marketing intern, English and Film student at Manchester Metropolitan University