European Approval of Bioconversion Enhances PureCircle's Stevia Offering

MANCHESTER, UK, October 2022: The EU Commission has published new specifications authorising PureCircle™ by Ingredion’s range of stevia glycosides produced via bioconversion. As a result, PureCircle will be able to offer three ingredients from bioconversion - Reb D, Reb M and Reb AM - as well as its broad portfolio of stevia sweeteners and flavour modifiers from stevia leaf extract to food and beverage manufacturers across the European Union.

As stevia matures from seedling to full-grown plant, various stevia ingredients are formed. By adding enzymes to purified stevia leaf extract (Reb A), the maturation of Reb M is completed, just as the leaf does naturally. PureCircle’s bioconversion process mirrors the plant’s natural ingredient production process. This produces a non-GM stevia leaf ingredient with high sweetness quality, clean taste and none of the calories.

“With the approval of PureCircle’s proprietary bioconversion process in the EU, we have strengthened our ability to partner with our European food and beverage customers and empower them with choice. We are uniquely positioned to help customers explore what the best stevia solution is for their specific product and application. Whether from leaf extract or bioconversion, this approval creates new opportunities for these companies to create better tasting products without the calories.”

Sue Bancroft

Purecircle EMEA

PureCircle is working to expand access to Fermented Sugarcane Reb M to more countries throughout Europe. These developments open the door to some exciting new stevia combinations and benefits from both a taste and cost in use perspective across the region.  PureCircle with support of Ingredion has and will continue to invest and innovate to provide food and beverage formulators with the best and most comprehensive naturally sourced sweetener toolbox available.

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