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Ingredion expands clean label functionality to instant hot food and 3-in-1 drinks

Ingredion has launched a new clean label, tapioca-based co-texturiser specifically designed for use with instant high-water, dry powder mix applications including instant hot drinks, soups and desserts.

Expanding clean label functionality in the beverage category to include instant applications, NOVATION® Indulge 3620 starch can be used to build back texture in products that have reduced or removed ingredients such as hydrogenated palm fat, sugar or maltodextrins. The new clean label natural* co-texturiser has a neutral flavour profile that delivers a smooth, creamy mouthfeel in the end product without lumping or gelling and remains functional in temperatures over 90°C.

According to research,nutrition is EMEA manufacturers’ top development priority in the beverage segment, with 88% of manufacturers stating they are focused on replacing ingredients to improve nutritional value. Labelled simply as ‘starch’ or ‘tapioca starch’, the new NOVATION® Indulge 3620 starch is designed to support manufacturers looking to develop or reformulate instant products prepared with hot water that have reduced fat and sugar content, while maintaining the eating experience consumers demand and expect. 

With the introduction of NOVATION® Indulge 3620 starch, we can support manufacturers to help them achieve the functionality they need for instant mixes

Charlotte Commarmond

Senior Director, Marketing and Innovation at Ingredion EMEA

Charlotte Commarmond, Senior Director, Marketing and Innovation at Ingredion EMEA, commented; “As consumers increasingly seek healthier products in new and diverse categories, replacing ingredients to improve nutritional profile has become a dominant development trend for the beverage sector.

“This category has traditionally proven difficult for clean label formulation, due to challenging processing conditions and the need to balance product stability with natural claims. For manufacturers seeking to formulate, using clean label ingredients, texture remains a key attribute to ensure acceptance and repeat purchase, particularly in new product development.

“With the introduction of NOVATION® Indulge 3620 starch, we can support manufacturers to help them achieve the functionality they need for  instant mixes including 3-in-1 instant coffee, dry gravy blends and custards, as well as a clean label and the potential for nutritional claims, such as ‘reduced fat or reduced sugar’ that consumers are looking for, and all without compromising sensory experience.”

NOVATION® Indulge 3620 starch easily disperses in hot water without the need for high shearing. Due to the unique composition of the tapioca starch, it performs well in beverages containing milk or creamers, maintaining a clean taste, glossy finish and smooth texture when fat and sugar content is reduced.


*Manufacturers should consult regulations specific to all target markets. Of the countries that have provisions in place to regulate the term 'natural' to date, these products, meet criteria of a natural food ingredient in the UK, France, Ireland, and associated EU legislation, and the global ISO Technical Specification (ISO/TS 19657).

[1] Mind the Innovation Gap: Beverages, by Ingredion EMEA, © 2018

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