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Ingredion extends texture capabilities with single hydrocolloids

February 12, 2019

Leading global ingredient solutions provider Ingredion has added a range of single hydrocolloids to its extensive food and beverage portfolio. Expanding the company’s speciality products, the gum-based texturisers bring a greater breadth of ingredient functionality, including texture stability, emulsification and protein protection, to customers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

This is the first time Ingredion has added single hydrocolloids to its portfolio in the region. Complementing Ingredion’s starch offering in a variety of food and beverage applications, the range includes gum acacia, cellulose gum and tara gum. When combined with Ingredion’s expertise in recipe formulation, the addition of gums will enable manufacturers and retailers to go to market quicker with on-trend products that deliver on texture and consumer appeal.

Charlotte Commarmond, Senior Director, Marketing and Innovation, Ingredion EMEA, said; “Whether they are developing a new tuna mayonnaise sandwich or fortified sparkling water or reformulating a blueberry muffin to be gluten-free, manufacturers need solutions that can help them deliver a delicious flavour and mouthfeel that the consumer will want to buy again and again.

Whether they are developing a new tuna mayonnaise sandwich or fortified sparkling water or reformulating a blueberry muffin to be gluten-free, manufacturers need solutions that can help them deliver a delicious flavour and mouthfeel that the consumer will want to buy again and again.

Charlotte Commarmond

Senior Director, Marketing and Innovation, Ingredion EMEA

“But when it comes to removing essential ingredients such as sugar or fat, maintaining the flavour alone isn’t enough. Consumers want a satisfying eating or drinking experience which engages all the senses. Combining our global reformulation expertise with a diverse range of highly functional gums and starches, we can help food producers meet the needs of the health conscious, convenience shopper. By closely mimicking essential texture, performance and shelf life attributes, our ingredient solutions can help to optimise costs without sacrificing eating quality and visual appeal.

“For example, beverage manufacturers are under increasing pressure to reduce the sugar content of their drinks - both as a result of soft drinks levies that now apply in various countries and to support the consumer drive for healthier lifestyles. Incorporating pre-hydrated gum arabic into low and sugar-free variants of popular beverages can help to maintain the body, texture and overall mouthfeel of the drink, meaning consumers don’t feel they have to sacrifice one sensory experience for another.”

“Additionally, in warmer climates where refrigeration, storage and distribution networks may not be established, gums can help to control and stabilise texture over a product’s shelf life.”

Complementing Ingredion’s existing starch portfolio, the introduction of hydrocolloids to the company’s range allows food and drink manufacturers to source all of their texturising ingredient solutions from one supplier.

  • Pre-Hydrated® Gum Arabic Spray Dry Powder - Bolstering Ingredion’s beverage portfolio, this agglomerated gum arabic is pre-hydrated, making it easier to disperse and mix. This simplifies the manufacturing process by significantly reducing dusting and the amount of mixing time required (4 -16 hours down to just 45 minutes). The spray dried powder helps to enhance mouthfeel and drinking experience, even in reduced-sugar beverages.  
  • TIC Gum Arabic FT Powder - A spray dried gum arabic that can be used as a film-forming agent in the panning process of many confectionary products. This grade two gum is also an excellent carrier for flavour encapsulation in dry mixes for water-soluble ingredients.
  • Ticalose® CMC 400 Granular Powder - This medium-viscosity cellulose gum retains moisture, making it ideal for gluten-free bakery and low-calorie applications. It also controls texture and ice crystal formation in frozen dairy products, as well as protecting protein in acidified dairy products.
  • TIC Tara Gum 100 - A tara gum used as a thickener and gelling agent in a variety of savoury, dairy and bakery applications. It can be used with other starches and gums to give increased viscosity and stabilisation, delivering an excellent texture and mouthfeel in the end product.
  • Ticaxan® Xanthan EC - With a high particle size for easy dispersion, Tixacan® Xanthan EC improves the mouthfeel of beverages thanks to its excellent particle suspension properties. This xanthan gum is also a versatile thickener that adds viscosity and stability to soups and sauces, delivering a superior creamy texture, particularly when partnered with the tara gum.

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