Two croissants with icing sugar and jam

Egg-free glaze: Make your plant-based bakery goods shine

December 02, 2021 | Bakery

Delivering a premium quality shine at an affordable cost, these innovative plant-based glazes are the ideal way to add festive flair to plant-based baked goods. 

The growth of the plant-based market reflects a shift toward more mindful purchasing decisions; where health, nutrition, plant-based eating, and sustainability are all part of the narrative. Whatever the reason, consumers of all ages are increasingly switching to plant-based alternatives - and bakery is no exception. 

The challenge for manufacturers is how to create plant-based bakery products that meets expectations in every way. Not least, the way they look. Consumers shop by sight, so your patisserie, pastries, buns and sweet treats all need to capture their attention with a tempting appearance that promises a delicious eating experience.

The good news is that we have the solution. Our new range of plant-based bakery glazes has been developed to:

  • Deliver great shine with no stickiness
  • Create a beautiful brown colour
  • Be affordable without compromising performance
  • Be versatile and easy to use
  • Support allergen-free labelling
  • Reduce micro-biological risks.

Comprising three products, all are supplied in a ready-to-mix powder format, for ease of application. Simply weigh out the powder and water, blend until smooth, and your egg-free glaze is ready to use.

Plus, with versatility in mind, we’ve made sure the range is suitable for spraying and brushing, which means your entire plant-based bakery range can benefit from a premium quality shine that’s sure to impress even the most discerning consumer.

Our new range of affordable, plant-based glaze solutions includes:

  • Simplistica VG 1210: The perfect all-rounder for an extra glossy finish
  • Fusera VG1110: A clean label solution
  • Simplistica VG 1210/1211: An affordable option for extra savings.

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