Early life nutrition

Nourish your youngest consumers

Parents are looking for nutritious infant formulas and toddler milks they can trust. With more than two decades of service to this market, Ingredion offers an unmatched portfolio of innovative ingredients. We do not compromise on the quality and safety of products for infants and children. We adhere to strict internal quality and safety standards that include: full traceability, monitoring our incoming materials for residual contaminants, executing microbiological controls, performing hundreds of in-process and finished product tests, as well as utilizing technology to prevent contamination.

Ingredion’s line of BIOLIGO® galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) ingredients offers an oligosaccharide profile that’s closer to human milk. These soluble prebiotic fibres promote the increase of beneficial bacteria in the colon while supporting healthy child growth and development.

Our UNI-PURE® IMF series of allergen and gluten-free instant texturisers have low protein content and are ideal for early life nutrition and allergy prevention. With this breakthrough line of ingredients, you can make infant formulas easier to swallow and reduce the likelihood of regurgitation.

Ingredion’s teams of technical and market experts are here to help you win your market and find new ways to create value. With our deep formulation expertise, broad portfolio of in-demand ingredients and tested experience, we have what you need to innovate and meet the most stringent regulatory requirements for infant formulations.

Collaborate with our Idea Labs® innovation centres around the world for science-based problem solving and product innovation. We’re ready to help you bring higher quality, safer products to this important consumer segment — at the earliest and most critical stages of their development so you can drive a new way forward for infant and toddler nutrition.